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Was the Seamless Garment Always a Scam?:

Rebecca Bratten Weiss and Matthew Tyson started the “New Pro-Life Movement” precisely for Seamless Garment purposes. You’d think they would opine. Nope. Crickets. Nothing on the New Pro-Life Movement website and nothing in the blogs of Weiss and Tyson. Oh, you will find things there about the death penalty and posts condemning the actual pro-life movement, but nothing about the shame of these Seamless Garment quislings in the U.S. Senate.

American Magazine published a decent editorial condemning the practice of abortion past the 20th week but the article goes on to condemn the GOP for bringing up the vote at all because it had no chance of passing. They say it was a wedge issue. But the reason the vote went down is precisely because of the 14 Seamless Garment Catholics who voted against it. Had they voted right, it would have passed with 65 votes. Instead of criticizing them, America condemns the pro-life party for partisanship.

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  1. It kind of makes sense for folks who respond more strongly to those you can actually see needing help– I know some people are more strongly affected by, oh, the bully who is crying than his victim, who hasn’t even had time for the bruises to develop, or whose bruises have healed (yep, that is my bias showing, but it’s drawn from personal experience) — so dead people will always be much less sympathetic to them, because you can’t see them.

    That’s part of why Trump calling in the families of those poor murdered girls was so effective. He made people face what they were excusing.

  2. From what I can tell, those who are NPL Catholics take the view that abortion exists basically because Capitalism and sexist men make it happen. Anything else is just spitting into the wind. It’s those causes that must be addressed.

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