Dear Jorge, You Have Provided Me The Justification For Virtuously Disobeying  Everything You Say & Strolling Into Heaven, Head Held High



Jorge Bergolgio has said many things that Catholics must do; but he has also proclaimed a new moral code, or code of immorality as the case may be, with attempted magisterial oomph, in the proclamation Amoris Laetitia, (“AL”) which gives anyone the basis for disobeying him, ignoring what he says, and publicly denouncing him and his minions. The new Bergoglian Immorality:

  1. No one is condemned forever.
  2. What may be wrong in one situation is not wrong in another, including actions that hitherto were taught to be wrong in all circumstances, intrinsically evil actions.
  3. God wants you to continue in what the Church says is sin, even what it used to call “mortal” sin, if you have heard His voice, your conscience,  tell you it is not sin – and such doing by you is not only what you then must do, not only virtuous, it will be your ticket to heaven. This is the very heart of the joy of love, that God can tell you to sin, and to continue in sinning, even publicly.

[If I am confused about AL, or have misunderstood its implications, which are clear to me, I welcome a  true shepherd to lead me to the truth and dispel my dubia].

Based on his new morality, summarized above, we do not have to do anything  that Jorge Bergoglio has said, over the last five years,  we must  do .  With the answer to, “Oh, Hell where is thy sting?” now established as “Hell hath no sting,”  with sin abolished, we can, for example,  say  “No way, Jorge,”  when he says something is morally required, or must be done. His own new morality undercuts his demand that  we must be obedient to him and definitively accept the new immorality as proclaimed by him.

Thanks to him,  we can, with moral impunity and eschatological hope,  do the following which have recently been prohibited:

You can breed like rabbits.

You can ignore illegal aliens

You can call the pope a liar, again and again, publicly

You can intentionally  increase global warming

You can call the pope a heretic, again and again, publicly

You can say publicly the pope has contradicted Jesus

You can think that everything is black and white

You can champion the death penalty

You can be an amoral capitalist

You can disobey Jorge Bergolgio always, in everything, until death

You can publish articles like this


Here is a good summary of how, in accord with Jorge’s new immorality, you can now live your life, happily and virtuously,  if thou get thy mind right and thy pastor discerneth with thee:

  1. Thou mayest have strange gods before thee other than the one true God.
  2. Thou mayest take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.
  3. Thou mayest keep unholy the Sabbath day.
  4. Thous mayest dishonor thy father and mother.
  5. Thou mayest
  6. Thou mayest commit adultery.
  7. Thou mayest steal.
  8. Thou mayest bear false witness against thy neighbor.
  9. Thou mayest covet thy neighbor’s wife.
  10. Thou mayest covet thy neighbor’s goods.


One can get absolutely giddy anticipating the new Sacraments to be proclaimed soon. Imagine how Valentine’s Day will be celebrated in churches next year.


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  1. The sad thing about the modernist progressive wing of the Church is that they appear to be more interested in fixing tickets than in fixing sinners. Their viewpoint has the same pedigree as the buying and selling of indulgences.

  2. Sorry re the 5th suggestion above-“kill” omitted; but then I thought, what the heck, fill it in with any action you want to do, righteous rape, sacred sodomy, pure pederasty – if you don’t have a dream, you can’t have a dream come true. Guy McClung, Texas

  3. Just when the world needed Christ’s light and guidance, we have the shadow of a devil’s wing. (By the way, Francis does believe the devil is real)

  4. You can’t write a column like this is you value the papacy. You cannot disobey someone you believe to be a true pope. That’s not an option for a true catholic.
    What you can do is acknowledge that Bergoglio has taught heresy, and come to the conclusion that he can’t be a true pope. On that ground, you can disobey him. You can’t be the pope if you are a non-catholic. A bad catholic, yes, but not a NON-CATHOLIC.
    Our Lord promised that true popes would never fail to teach and protect the true faith. Our Lord is not a liar, therefore Jorge Bergoglio is not a true pope. Therefore, one need not obey him. Do not tell people they may disobey someone they believe is a true pope. That does violence to catholic teaching on the papacy.

  5. SOS, Earth To Heaven, Earth To Heaven, SOS, Earth To Heaven, Earth To Heaven, SOS, SOS, Earth To Heaven, SOS, sir I don’t know if they’re receiving are Transmissions what should I do? Don’t give up keep on transmitting they got to be hearing us. Don’t give up.

  6. Deborah-Thank you for making my point: truly following the principles of Amoris Laetitia to the letter, if I in my internal forum, abetted by a willing hireling pastor do not see myself as disobeying Jorge Bergoglio but acting virtuously along with the public unrepentant adulterers and those flaunting their voluntary engagment in homosexual sex acts, then this voice of conscience within me, this very voice of God Himself, is demanding that I disobey Jorge, that I continue to do so, that I do so joyfully publicly, and that my parish and diocesan communities must integrate me into their lives and celebrate with me. In summary, following the Bergolgian heresy, I can disobey someone I believe to be the true pope; this IS an option, now with Bergoglian enlightenment, for a true catholic.And yes, that DOES do violence to catholic teaching – which is also my point. If you want to undercut my conclusions and uphold Amoris Laetitia, you must add to it – and the adding will and must necessarily gut the claims of Amoris Laetitia itself. Guy McClung, TExas

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