Destroy the Constitution in Order to Save It



Ben Shapiro has been one of the more prescient observers of Donald Trump from the mainstream Right.  Never a fan, he concedes that the President has presided over a fairly normal Republican administration even if his tweets and comments are over the top.  It is the adversaries of Trump who have often acted in ways that seem to indicate that they are willing to destroy our Constitutional order to save it:



Take, for example, the media’s coverage of North Korea at the Winter Olympics. Suddenly, the worst regime on the planet has been transformed into a cute exhibit from “It’s a Small World.” Those women in red forced to smile and cheer on cue? Just an example of the brilliance of revolutionary North Korean “juche” ideology. Kim Jong Un’s sister, a member of the inner cabinet of a regime that imprisons thousands of dissenters and shoots those who don’t properly worship the Dear Respected? She’s an example of Marxist humility and stellar diplomacy.

It’s not just the media. This week, we learned that former FBI Director James Comey, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, former national security adviser Susan Rice, former Vice President Joe Biden and former President Obama held a last-minute meeting at the White House to discuss the possibility of Trump-Russia collusion. At that meeting, Rice wrote in an email, Obama reportedly asked whether there was any reason “we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia.” That means that Obama asked his top staff, including the FBI, whether he could hide intelligence information from the incoming Trump team.

That amounts to a massive breach in the constitutional structure. The FBI is not an independent agency. It is part of the executive branch. The incoming Trump administration was duly elected by the American people and had every right to see all intelligence information coming from the FBI and the CIA. Yet it was the supposedly normal Obama White House exploring means of preventing that transparency.

Trump isn’t a normal president. But the threat to our institutions doesn’t reside only at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. — or even primarily there. It resides with those who are willing to side with any enemy and violate every rule in order to stop the supposed threat of Trump.


Go here to read the rest.  The last scene from the Caine Mutiny comes to mind:



Of course in the present version Queeg is competent and tough and has thus far outwitted the mutineers.  We shall see what happens next.

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  1. In case you have not been paying attention, we no longer live under an elected (consent of the governed), representative republic. It wouldn’t be so bad if the unelected aristocracy didn’t hate us.

  2. The constitutional order was destroyed in stages between 1932 and 1973. The question at hand is whether the patriotic element in the population will be able to organize in such a way as to restore some sort of legal order to replace the whims and systematized criminality of a parasitic Bourbon class. The political theorist Gottfried Dietze wondered 50 years ago if we were due in the 21st century for a new diffidatio like that of 1215, 1641, and 1775. The answer (if we are fortunate) is (a) yes and (b) one with as little bloodshed as possible.

  3. In light of his selection of his official portrait artist, Obama is now truly out of the closet with his racism. We have also long known the “professor of Constitutional Law” had no respect whatsoever for that document. On top of his general mendacity as a style of governance, his legacy will not be kind to him. Please just go away.

  4. Yes, T. Shaw the administrative state hates us. If we the taxpayers did not pay taxes we would be eliminated in person as we are in citizenship… disenfranchised of our unalienable rights.
    “We, the people” are held in contempt and ignored by the unelected aristocracy. This unpatriotic cabal gives aristocracy a bad name

  5. From watching the four minute video above, it seemed from the look on their faces as though those officers felt some guilt and remorse when confronted with what they had really done. But today none of Queeg’s opponents feel the slightest guilt, the barest whimper of remorse. Greater then will be their eventual torment in hell, a torture that they have willingly assigned to themselves.

  6. In light of his selection of his official portrait artist, Obama is now truly out of the closet with his racism.

    They made a public point of selecting black artists and got gypped (albeit gypped in dramatically different ways). A critic of the President offered it wouldn’t have been difficult to locate a competent black portrait artist, but the Obamas fell for a pair good at marketing themselves (in a display of their usual shortcomings).

  7. when confronted with what they had really done.

    What, did they steal the strawberries or take away his spare set of ball bearings?

  8. “ in the present version Queeg is competent and tough and has thus far outwitted the mutineers. ”.
    As for us,far removed from power, our recourse is to prayer. May God bless and protect our president.

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