Ghouls, the Slaying of Innocents and Prayer

If your first impulse upon hearing that 17 kids have been murdered is to seek to make political capital of it, you are a ghoul.  Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts gives us the details:

When Christians mock prayer


A Case Study.

Note to Mark Shea: Thoughts and prayers are not garbage because one disagrees with your politics.  God is bigger than that.  And your politics and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are not one and the same.  Jesus Christ is bigger than that.  And the policies of the Democratic Party are not the way, the truth, and the life and the only potential path to salvation through Jesus. The working of the Holy Spirit is bigger than one party.

In short, one can be a good Christian, can love Jesus, can be obedient to God, can sincerely pray and conclude that perhaps the policies of the Democrats would not help in stopping this or similar tragedies.  It’s what liberal Christians used to say to the Religious Right.  It’s now what New Prolife Christians need to hear.

From Mark’s post on the shooting: his appraisal of prayer’s efficacy if not linked to Mark’s political opinions

It’s bad enough that our political leaders and others in our nation have decided to blaspheme God by subverting prayer for the sake of politics.  But that Christian leaders or apologists do the same in fealty to a political agenda makes me sick. I will not address this blasphemy again.  I only did it to warn those who seek to petition God through prayers and charity not to be misled into such heresy. What should be done with a professional representative of the Faith who advocates such things I’ll leave to others to work out.

Now it’s back to what Christians and all people of goodwill should be doing, and that’s weeping with the dead and those who are suffering, and lifting up our hearts and minds to God, through Jesus Christ if believers we are.  There will be time to look for solutions, and possibly even look at the heart and soul of a nation that has come this far.  But not now.

Go here to comment.  To have 17 young lives snuffed out because a misfit decided to commit mass murder is an evil that is difficult to fathom.  I have long thought that such acts of evil are inspired by Satan as a form of spiritual terrorism to make us despair.  Fortunately Our Savior warned us about the grim fates that could await us in this Vale of Tears and taught us to pray in response.  A Memorare for the repose of the souls of the young people slain in the dawn of life and for their poor parents, other relatives and friends:
REMEMBER, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly to thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother; to thee do I come; before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

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  1. Never let a mass tragedy go to waste!

    tWhy does God permit such evil? Because they threw Him out of the schools and the public square.

    I feel terrible about these lost lives. But,

    My guns are undocumented. I call them “Dreamers.” No gun is illegal. People don’t stop school shootings. People with guns stop school shootings. People do massively evil things. High-tech, masses of steel and plastic don’t jump up, load themselves, shoot people.

    I feel terrible about this. But, . . . .

    It wasn’t me.

    In Obama’s first terrible term, the liberal idiots [redundant] controlled both houses of Congress and didn’t pass gun control.

    Quick, Mark-who? “Google” the phrase “Inanimate object.”

    It wasn’t me. And, it wasn’t the NRA, either.

    We are not guilty for someone else’s crimes/sins. Hitler et al used those arguments against gays, gypsies, Jews.

    Someone explain to them that in the time that crazy person killed 17 of his friends, a couple hundred babies were murdered in abortions.

    “See something. Say something” doesn’t work when the authorities do nothing. Just on TV, the police were called to Cruz’s home 39 times in the two years prior to the incident.

    It wasn’t me.

    I’m one of the 63,000,000 that support Constitutional civil rights, will not be cowed by evil, abortion supporters repeating ad nauseam logical fallacies and outright lies.

  2. Truth be told, no one really has a clue as to how to address the problem at hand. The response of the left is, as always, to use these occasions to stick the bill with social segments they despise (e.g. gun owners).

  3. Quite right Art. There is also a great deal of chicanery in regard to the whole issue. Comparisons of the US to small European nations with homogenous populations for example, or failing to account for the differences in populations sizes when looking at gun deaths, or that the number of suicides in a country has little to nothing to with the availability of weapons to the civil population.

  4. T. Shaw said it perfectly.
    Amen to that.

    Barabbas is and was there choice.
    So be it. Deal with the consequences.

  5. Donald– don’t forget comparing the solved and run out of appeals murder rate (UK) to the homicide rate.

    Plus those that would conflate me shooting someone breaking through my window with a knife with someone shooting me in a robbery.

  6. “Donald– don’t forget comparing the solved and run out of appeals murder rate (UK) to the homicide rate.”

    Quite right Foxfier, or that in many nations such statistics should be filed under fiction in any self respecting library.

  7. In 1972 (I’m that old), there was no mass school shooting; comparatively few (NY Sullivan Law?) gun control laws; and no abortion.

    In 2018, there are almost daily mass school shootings; what? 18,000 gun control laws; and over a million abortions each year.


    I love you, Mr. McClarey. But, with this post, you wax uncharitable toward ghouls.

  8. “Thou shalt not kill” pick up your cross and follow me. Nikolas Cruz never heard the words of Peace, Joy and Life in his classes because God has been banned from the public square. The public square belongs to each and every sovereign person who is a citizen in joint and common tenancy. The government does not live any sovereign person’s life for them because the sovereign person institutes the government. The sovereign personhood of each and every person is endowed by “their Creator”. The endowed sovereign personhood of the citizen institutes the state. Give us back our Ten Commandments and the freedom to be free under God. Religion is an intimate, loving relationship with “their Creator” into which government has no business, no more than eavesdropping, no more than running a church of atheism.

  9. The “apologist” has now done like 3 posts on this subject and shows just how much he has given up any right to free thought.

    I mean he talks about needed to do something but frequently complains about the death penalty and prison population. Conceivably if we ban guns, that’s going to lead to some shootings and increases in the prison population. In another he lashes out at Joe the Plumber for saying “your dead children don’t trump my rights.” Well if that’s a wrong, bad idea one must ask what protects Catholics then – as a lot of folk will claim (and I’ve seen the arguments) that the freedom of religion shouldn’t protect the church after what it did to kids. Is that a trade he wants? I’ll give up a gun if he’ll give up his faith or deport himself?

    Once he would mock people by talking about the “how could we know” phase of history they were entering. Apparently he has forgotten that the fastest way into that phase was to give up thinking and act only on emotion.

  10. Nate, I think one problem is that we’re entering into is this whole notion of what I call martyrdom by proxy. Like terrorism. Every time someone said ‘Terrorism is just the new normal’, I heard ‘As long as terrorist kill some other schmuck American, it’s the chance I’m willing to take.’ I know that sounds harsh, but it speaks to our modern disconnect, as a society and as individuals. A disconnect where people build entire world views without the slightest notion that they might someday have to really answer for them. For instance, the answer to protecting our rights is that Mark has joined a growing number of Christians, including Catholics, who seem to think we’ll just take one for the team if it ever comes to tyranny or the next Nazi regime. We’ll go quietly like a lamb to slaughter. After all, people are dying over things like terrorism and we’ve learned to abide by the results of our complacency. Problem is, the ones most likely to say these things are the ones who have never been anywhere near such a situation. So they can say ‘we won’t resist, we’ll accept our martyrdom like real Christians’, but so far the only martyrdom they seem conversant with is that which others have to endure while we pontificate about our lofty ideals in the same way Scrooge talked about work houses and prisons. At least that’s how I see it.

  11. 17 lives were taken from 17 innocent persons in Florida. The killer will spend his time on death row gleefully enjoying his carnage, perhaps planning a mental image of doing more carnage. A truly repentant murderer will expire with grief over his crime and the taking of innocent human life.
    The press refers to the carnage in Florida as a tragedy instead of a crime, homicide in the first degree.
    Come to appreciate the preciousness of the human being, then labels and ideology become irrelevant.

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