Incredibles 2

Well, fourteen years is a long time to wait, but Incredibles 2 is coming out on June 15.




The original Incredibles was the most conservative movie to come out of the entertainment industry in many a moon.  Don’t believe me?  Go here to read the 2005 moans of a Leftist about the movie.  Politics aside, it was a grand movie, hilarious and heart warming, and the best family flick of 2004.  I am looking forward to this.

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  1. *chanting* Don’t screw it up, guys. Don’t screw it up, guys. Don’t screw it up, guys…..

    I am crushing hard on Mr. Incredible doing bedtime stories. ^.^

  2. I thought that was every math-helping parent ever, with the various new “methods.” (Seriously, adding the tens place before you add the ones, then add the ones, then add the two groups together…rather than teaching the concept of “carrying,” which you also need to deal with “borrowing.”)

  3. Incredibles is one of my all time favorite movies. (Always been a Craig T Nelson fan after growing up, watching Coach.) You have no idea how hard I’m praying they don’t mess this one up.

    New math might be one of the greatest arguments ever for home schooling.

    Hmm… can we expect a “superhero school” for incredibles 3? 😉

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