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The Pope knows we are out here:


Pope Francis has acknowledged accusations of heresy and what he calls “doctrinal resistance” within the Church,  but has said he chooses to ignore it to protect his mental health.

“There is doctrinal resistance,” the Pope told a group of his fellow Jesuits at a meeting on Jan. 16, but “for the sake of mental health I do not read the websites of this so-called ‘resistance.’”

“I know who they are, I am familiar with the groups, but I do not read them, simply for my mental health. If there is something very serious, they inform me so that I know about it,” he said.

Pope Francis’ comments came in a private meeting with 90 Jesuits in Santiago de Chile, during his recent apostolic visit to South America. Their conversation was transcribed by Fr. Antonio Spadaro, editor of La Civilta Cattolicà, and was published in Italian with the Pope’s approval on their online site on Thursday morning.

During the question and answer exchange in Chile, a Jesuit from the Argentine-Uruguayan province asked the Holy Father what “resistance” he has encountered during this pontificate, and how he is handling it.

In response, the Pope said it is important to consider if there is a “grain of truth” in the push-back he receives, and that sometimes what at first glance seems to be “resistance” is actually “a reaction arising from a misunderstanding, from the fact that there are some things one needs to repeat and explain better.”

“But when I realize that there is real resistance, of course it displeases me,” he said. “Some people tell me that resistance is normal when someone wants to make changes. The famous ‘we’ve always done it this way’ reigns everywhere, it is a great temptation that we have all faced,” he added.

“I cannot deny that there is resistance. I see it and I am aware of it,” he told his fellow Jesuits.

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  1. There is a video posted on Gloria TV, posted at around 4:15am eastern time, of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarch declaring Pope Francis and all those who are in agreement with him from the Church.

  2. “If there is something very serious, they inform me so that I know about it…”

    Well, now, THAT is an interesting statement. “They” inform him about “it.” His Holiness doesn’t review any of that directly, doesn’t read the words, “they” inform him of what he needs to know.

    Remember C.S. Lewis’ donkey in the tent?

  3. Passive aggressive, confused and confusing thinker. Not surprising, as these traits are interrelated. Neither is rational, both are defense mechanisms.

  4. Well, he is obviously confused, disoriented. He has lost his way and he has plenty of blind guides. I have to overcome my disinclination to pray for him. May God bless him and bring him to realization and repentance. May God bless the lay people with grace to help the stumbling leaders. Jesus died to establish this Church and He will preserve it some way.

  5. Perhaps our Holy Father should take into consideration his Spiritual health and that of his flock? It is obvious tradition is a bad word with this Pope.

  6. Mary D V, As always you are spot on. We win. Why? Because the leader of our Church is Jesus Christ, God Almighty. It is a misnomer to call us the “resistance” when it is Bergoglio and his ilk who resist Jesus, seek to destroy His Church, and deny His truth. And, isn’t it ironic, Jesus knows full well who Jorge Bergoglio is, and Jesus is absolutely familiar with the perverted group around him. Guy McClung, Texas

  7. Re the excommunication: In a nutshell it seems that Patriarch Elijah was ordained a Roman rite priest in Prague in 1970s. Became a Basilian father. Changed to the Byzantine rite with permission.
    Became dissatisfied and about 2009 created his own “Catholic” church. The Patriarch and his fellow priests were excommunicated by Rome and the Eastern rite, and the Orthodox Catholic Churches do not recognize him as one of their own. Members of his church may not receive Communion in the Roman or Eatern rites of the Catholic church unlike the Greek Orthodox who may. Very confusing.
    There are some allegations that he was a mole for the Soviets while they controlled Czechoslovakia and the Ukraine.

  8. Based on the objective public conduct of Pope Francis, is there enough evidence to convict him of engaging in true, authentic dialog? His conduct towards the dubia, Cardinals Burke and Muller, and the dismissals of the three priests who worked for Cardinal Muller say otherwise.
    It is my understanding that when appealing to a court of equity that the person doing the appealing needs to do equity and have clean hands. It seems that the public conduct of Pope Francis leaves something to be desired in this regard.

  9. Good work CAM. I would like to add that the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura at the Vatican affirmed the excommunication against Patriarch Elijah et al passed by the Ukrainian Catholic Church on October 7, 2008. Patriarch Elijah responded by excommunicating Pope Benedict XVI on May 1, 2011.

  10. Sad thing is the Patriarch in many respects seems closer to the teachings of Christ than Pope Francis. He gives the impression that he doesn’t believe in Francis’ definition of “discernment”.

  11. I am enjoying this site. Informative articles aside fun articles. And rather than having to sift through trolls and nonsense posters, just good conversations and sharing of knowledge. (Tip of the hat to CAM)

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