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Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts gives us an on-target warning from 2008:

Why the Democrats should not be trusted

By Mark Shea, c. 2008.  Tell me what has changed for Mark to have become one of the Democratic Party’s loudest cheerleaders within Catholicism today. Interesting what a difference 10 years make. 

Go here to comment.  A debate between Shea 2008 and Shea 2018 would be amusing if not edifying.  Ah, Mark Shea today February 20, 2018:

Let the CDC do a scientific study of gun violence as they have sought to do for 20 year and been blocked by the GOP, just for starters.
Get rid of AR-15s, just for starters.
Get the insurance industry involved and force gun owners to have insurance for their gun just as they have to have it for their cars. Make the rates exorbitant. Just for starters. Indeed, treat guns like cars in every way. Just for starters.

Also, try this: http://www.usccb.org/issues…

But, of course, before anything can be done, the first practical action is: Destroy the GOP at the polls this fall. The do it again in 2020 and 2022. Nothing whatever will change till the Party of Obstruction is gone.

Charming.  Shea now longs for a one party Democrat State, which would no doubt persecute faithful Catholics as the Obama administration did, but this time with zero effective political opposition, and to the cheers of Vichy Catholics.  “Hey Lions, those vile Catholic Christianists are over there!”.  Yes, that debate between the Sheas separated by a decade would be amusing indeed.


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  1. The institutional mission of the CDC is to promote public heath. Street crime is not a disease. That pubic health mavens have lost interest in their vocation is not an excuse to supply them with public money to pursue their diversions (and, commonly, to promote their social ideology). We already have public agencies which collate crime statistics and study crime (not to mention the thousands of criminologists employed by colleges and universities in this country, and all the grant money they’re able to cadge). This isn’t that difficult to understand, but it escapes Shea.

  2. Yeah – I guess if the CDC doesn’t research it, there’s not a SINGLE other government agency that could fun gun research. I mean – maybe if we had some kind of department devoted to guns… maybe alcohol or tobacco too… They might be the ones to do research. /sarc

    Oh right, IT’S ALSO NOT TRUE! (surprise surprise – Shea a liar again – someone should really start up a fact watch/drinking game for him)

    There have been studies the CDC has been involved in related to guns since the 90s ban.

    But then if we’ve learned one thing about Shea, the methods he so often decries LifeSite news for using are quite acceptable when used in service of any cause he supports.

  3. Seriously, I’m weary of having to even see his name in places like this, where I like to spend my Internet time. Why don’t you just ignore him completely? He’s not worth the effort.

  4. Many years before they politicized/weaponized the FBI, DoJ, IRS, etc., they politicized the CDC.

    Ban liberals.

    I agree with Frank. Mark-who? consistently engages in emotional bullying (hat tip Instapundit). His worse-than-worthless propaganda is both irrational and counter-factual.

  5. Why? Well for one, some of us used to respect him. For another, because of stuff like this…

    Hey Cle Elum, Washington! I’m coming your way tomorrow
    I’ll be speaking at St. John the Baptist parish at 7:00 PM about Our Lady tomorrow night, February 21. Don’t miss it if you can!

    And I’ll be back next week, February 28 at 7:00 PM to talk about the Real Presence in the Eucharist!

    And then again on March 5 at 7:00 PM to talk about the catholic approach to reading the bible and to discuss the four senses of scripture.

    Don’t miss it if you can!

    He is getting invited to churches and stuff to speak. And here’s the catch: every year are born a whole batch of new people which don’t have the wisdom nor experience to understand what’s a good argument or a bad one. Dismissing a foe can be just as good as conceding to them to the eyes of the audience who don’t know any better. Liberty has to be fought anew every generation.

    And also if you’re Catholic or something, you might have some annoyance at what he’s doing to the Church’s reputation.

  6. I think in 2008 Shea was going along with the way the ecclesiastical winds were blowing. Now, under Francis, he can show his true colors. We have it straight from his own mouth that Shea is little more than a leftist political hack than any Catholic apologist.

  7. Disagree David. I suspect he’s had some sort of personal crisis or is suffering from late-middle-age decay. He’s been so intemperate for so long I tend to think the latter rather than the former. Some time ago an employee of some diocese in Texas well known in the blogosphere abruptly decamped to the Seventh Day Adventist congregation he’d grown up in. Someone said at the time “don’t work for the Church”, and I think that applies to any congenial or affiliated outfit like Catholic Answers. That sort of work is for people with vocations, and people with vocations are not very numerous (especially in this age).

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