You Mean They Just Can’t Legislate the Pesky Second Amendment Away?




From Instapundit:


THEY CAN’T EVEN GET PEOPLE TO COMPLY IN CONNECTICUT: What Will Gun Controllers Do When Americans Ignore an ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban?

But since the point of gun control is to humiliate and grind down flyover people and demonstrate that the Ruling Class is ultimately the, well, Ruling Class — not to control crime — the appearance of submission is probably enough. Plus, a seldom enforced and often ignored law is ideal if you want to be able to target troublesome individuals later.

Go here to read the comments.  We have 330 million people occupying a huge, sprawling country.  If a substantial percentage of these people do not wish to obey a law, especially one regarded by large portion of the population as illegitimate, it is not going to be obeyed.  That gun confiscation control fanatics are unwilling to acknowledge this underlines what Glenn Reynolds is saying.

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  1. Soon, very soon. That’s what I hear from gun control activists when I mention the million other factors behind mass shootings. When will we discuss those? That’s what they say, and yet they never seem to get there.

  2. Not to mention the statistical probability/chances of you being killed by a scary-looking, black rifle are about the same you breaking the bank at Monte Carlo.

    Not to worry, criminals and patriots don’t obey gun laws.

    The US Constitution didn’t give you inalienable rights. God did. Before the courts made it “The Big Con Job”, The US Constitution: Bill of Rights limited overreaching government from infringing/taking away God-given, inalienable rights.

    They succeeded (amended the Constitution) in taking away your hard-earned income in 1913, why not take your guns?

    All gun laws are unconstitutional. PERIOD.

    Truth. About two years, say in 2014, after CT banned dangerous-looking guns, I read an article stating how 400,000 CT residents were transformed into felons.

    In NY, where I’m sorry to still I reside, Boss Cuomo was smarter. He had his legislative grandsons of pigs and monkeys write a clause in the scary-looking gun ban/law prohibiting tracking compliance with the useless law. BRILLIANT!

    Next to no one obeyed either BS, unconstitutional gun ban. And, mass and school shooting didn’t increase.

  3. Dave Griffey, If you want to have an intelligent conversation, don’t go to a liberal. My dog, Buddy, is an Einstein compared to those numbskulls.

  4. Well, it looks as though the Second Amendment is being legislated away, even with the help of those on our sid who claim to support it. Case in point, President Trump’s speech to the gathering of governors. While talking about supporting arming some teachers, he is also talking about taking on the NRA. But then again, Trump has a well established track record of talking out of both sides of his mouth.

    Can anyone explain what effect banning bump stocks, something any yeahoo can easily make in his basement, will have, other than emboldening the gun grabbing left?

  5. you can legislate it away-you just have to do it legally, constitutionally. It is all laid out in the Constitution: amend the Constitution in accord with its conditions for amendment. Simple. Go out and get 3/4ths of us to agree – and you can make it a capital offense to own or have any gun. Simple.

    Seems like the Founding Fathers [Trigger (no pun intended) Warning: sorry,there are no mothers included within the ambit of “Founding
    Fathers”] knew that for basic change of the accepted Constitutional rules governing us all, a mere majority of those who would choose to vote is not enough.

    Guy McClung, Texas

  6. RE: legislating away.

    FL legislators reject assault weapons gun ban and act to permit teachers to be armed.

    That is the news from America.

    In Nassau County, NY they simply increased the every-four-year renewal fee to, I think, $400 per. I know one owner who sold all his pistols b/c he wouldn’t pay it. He bought hunting rifles.

    Meanwhile, Nassau County Dreamers/MS13 are using machetes to get the word out.

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