EMTS Kept Out

Well, not only did the Broward County Sheriff’s Department delay getting their own deputies into the building where the Florida school shooting occurred, they also kept out emts:



An anonymous first responder spoke to a WSVN-TV reporter about what he saw when he arrived to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14 — the day that 17 innocent people were murdered by a lone gunman.

The EMT, who was too scared to give his name, shared a jaw-dropping account that provides context to reports that have already established the botched response to the active shooter situation.

What did he say?

According to the first responder, everything about the response was completely botched.

“Everything I was trained on mass casualty events says they did the wrong thing,” he explained. “You don’t wait for the scene to be cleared. You go in immediately armed. Retrieve the victims. You can’t leave the victims laying there.”

“We were asking to go in. Asking the scene commander to go in. Why are we all standing around? Why are we not having patients to treat? Why are we not going into the building and retrieving these kids? The response every time was law enforcement did not clear the scene and would not allow medical personnel to go in,” he added.

The EMS worker believes that if he and other medical responders were allowed to enter the building as soon as they arrived, they could have saved more lives. He explained he was willing to risk his life to save the lives of others and was very frustrated over the situation.

The EMS worker stressed that he believes law enforcement made the decision they thought was best at the time, but emphasized that he believes it was the wrong one.

“They should have been more aggressive about getting the victims out,” he said.

What does law enforcement say?

With allegations that the Broward County sheriff’s department botched the response to the shooting — including its deputy stationed at the school, in addition to three other sheriff deputies, not engaging the shooter and only standing outside behind cover — law enforcement is in full damage-control mode.

The Broward County sheriff’s office released a statement on Saturday in an attempt to dispel some stories surrounding their department’s response to the shooting. The department also urged they haven’t confirmed many of the stories being widely reported.


Go here to read the rest and here to read the latest developments.  Near miracles can occur if emts can get to gun shot victims quickly.  How many of the 17 who died bled out and could have been saved but for the dithering of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department?  Once again we see why Sheriff Drop-The-Ball was eager to use the NRA for a scapegoat in an attempt to conceal the disastrous performance of the Keystone Kops he leads.  But for the 17 people who died, this would all be bleakly humorous.


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  1. This whole thing not only stinks, but it is an intolerable stench. Would I be going too far in wondering if this goes beyond dropping the ball?

  2. Not sure what could have been done or should have been done, but each little tidbit which emerges suggests that this particular Sheriff’s department was like a great many bureaucratic organs (public and private): the overall tone was set not by direct service providers but by compliance people.

  3. An aunt of mine told me of her husband’s experience of (eventually unsuccessful) cancer treatment: “The priorities of medical care are as follows [ticks off on fingers]: the privacy of the doctor, the reputation of the doctor, seeing to it that the hospital doesn’t get sued, with the welfare of the patient last.” That’s how things worked in New York City exurbs in her experience, ca. 1981. Analogous collective behavior patterns crop up again and again.

  4. *headdesk*
    Good heavens. Part of why terrorists HAVE secondary bombs set up is because EMTs do go in without it being cleared.
    My father in law is “just” a fire station EMT, and they go in to known dangerous situations.

  5. Ben Shapiro: “Police are systemically racist. Police are overly militarized. Police act stupidly/violently. Give all your guns to the police. You can’t expect armed police to charge mass shooters. All of these statements are being promulgated by the same people.” I call them idiots.

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