Bergoglianism Is The Worst Heresy



It will be a small comfort in future to those faithful Catholics of today when the encyclopedic lists of heresies begins thus: “Arianism, Apollinarianism, Bergoglianism,  . . .”.

This Heresy Is Unique In Church History

There are things unique about the Bergoglian heresy that do in fact make it the worst heresy of all time. These include:


  1. The astounding numbers of sheep led astray, deceived via the modern-day real-time worldwide promulgation of Bergoglian error and the use of media to spread this error to the ends of the earth.


  1. The Bergoglian denial, in effect, of the existence of Hell, making it into a somewhat warm vacation before one returns to the heavenly home, and the eradication of eternal punishment for every type of grievous, mortal sin.


  1. The Bergoglian demand that sin and sinners be publicly celebrated, elevated, and even blasphemously blessed within the church community.


  1. Jorge Bergolgio’s destruction of divine law  in his new  doctrine that God judges some to be in sin while requiring others doing the same sinful action to continue in sin; with the implications that God, in some situations, wills people to sin,  that God has one divine law for some and a contradictory divine law for others.


  1. The utter depravity and demonic perversity of a legion of many who aid in the spread of this evil – including laity and clergy, priests, pastors, bishops, and cardinals worldwide, as well as Vatican officials, some of whom not only condone, but take part in, such abominations.


One thing that is not unique about Bergoglianism is that this heresy, like others, includes declarations directly and explicitly contrary to what Our Lord Jesus Christ said in His own words. It is difficult to conceive of what a man must be  and must tell himself so that he can say, in effect, “Jesus, here is what you got wrong” and “God, here is how you can improve and be a better god.”



The Bergoglian Heresy


In denying Church tradition, in correcting God Almighty, in contradicting the infallible declarations of numerous Church Councils, and in proclaiming a new magisterium, Jorge Bergoglio announces the sand on which he would erect Jorge church:


“ . . .it can no longer simply be said . . “ (Bergoglian Exhortation Amoris Laetitia, Section 301, henceforth “AL”)


What follows from this is that Jorge Bergoglio, he alone, is the one to let us know what can now “be said.”


The main tenets of his heresy are:


  1. There is no mortal sin, e.g. adultery and fornication, which results in the loss of sanctifying grace; even for those aware of the demands of the divine law.


  1. Divine grace does not make all mortal sins avoidable; a situation’s circumstances can dismiss one from the demands of the divine law.


  1. Depending on the situation and its circumstances, God sometimes wills a person to sin.


  1. For those God judges and who are then sent to Hell, Hell is not eternal, the fire is not everlasting. “No one is condemned forever,” the capsule version of Bergoglianism (from AL, 297), is the implicit Non Serviam of  the Bergoglians.



How many sheep led astray?


Because of our modern media, and the present population of the world, this heresy will lead more people  astray than any other heresy in all of history.


In past centuries, many thousands of faithful Catholics were assaulted by various heresies; but their numbers were relatively small compared to the number of Catholics today. There are over 1,000,000,000 Catholics alive today. These faithful 1.2 billion, plus or minus, are part of Jesus’s flock. Included in His command to the eleven apostles, and their apostolic successors, “Go and teach all nations,” are another 1,000,000,000 Christians;  about 1,500,000,000 Muslims; and about 3,200,000,000 more souls here and there around the globe.


Jesus does not want to lose even one of these. Satan wants each and every one of them; and, with the media being what it is – the Internet, cellphones, satellites, television,  mass communications, movies, and instant news – a multitude of the faithful will hear the Bergoglian heresy, and many of them will like what they hear, especially coming from “The Pope.” When a man wearing papal white says “Who am I to judge?” within thirty-six hours people everywhere conclude that what they are doing and what they want to do is just fine with a God who loves them, a God who will not judge them, despite the words they say weekly in the Creed, “who will come to judge the living and the dead.”


When this same man proclaims that God’s Hell, everlasting Hell, does not exist, and then in an official document proclaims that his new Get-Out-Of-Hell-Free Mercy  Card applies to everyone,  in every situation, and to everything previously called mortal sin, many will conclude that what sins they do here will never mean they will not, eventually, enjoy heaven. Never mind what God told them in His inspired Word, and continues to tell  them as the voice of  Conscience, the man in white has used the keys to the kingdom to loose them free eternally.


New paradigm, new dogma, heresy


Jorge Bergoglio and his mouthpieces have been joyfully proclaiming that there’s a new paradigm in town, replacing the old judgmental one of Jesus and ushering in a new light of love and mercy into Jorge’s church. This is being foisted on the faithful as the usual development of doctrine that happens in Jesus’s Church as it has been done since the Resurrection.


Paradigm shifts are cataclysmic. One paradigm replaces another. One paradigm is not the “development” of another. A new paradigm destroys an old one, utterly.  This is why the philosopher of science who popularized  the study of paradigms, Thomas .S. Kuhn, did not use the words “paradigm development,” but called his seminal book,  “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.”


For example, there was no “Copernican development” of the theory of the earth-centered universe; there was a revolt that undermined and threw out the geocentric Ptolemaic system and totally replaced it with the new paradigm, the Copernican sun-centered heliocentric theory.


Jorge Bergolgio and his brother Bergoglians are correct – he is declaring and promoting a new paradigm. Saying so is a tacit admission that Bergoglianism is heresy – a revolt against the deposit of faith, a denial of the immutable and infallible teachings of Jesus’s Church as proclaimed for millennia. The Jorge-centered paradigm’s appeal to sinners is that it is a me-myself centered paradigm, a pleasure-here-and-now paradigm. The Jorge paradigm says “Eat, drink, be merry, and fornicate, for tomorrow you may die.” The Jorge-centered paradigm, by definition, must supplant the Jesus-centered paradigm.




Many heretics over the centuries have had no problem publicly confronting their accusers and providing responses, however weak or vacuuous,  to accusations of heresy and attacks against their heretical dogmas. One last reason Bergoglianism is the worst heresy is that Jorge Bergoglio refuses to respond to those faithfully expressing doubts and seeking the loving, caring guidance of the shepherd who is the “servant of the servants of God.”


Instead, like a totalitarian despot, a third world dictator,  he calls the faithful who question him the “doctrinal resistance,” and he has let it be known, in his own words,  “I know who they are.”  This from a pope, the vicar of Christ on earth, the shepherd of shepherds, the successor of Peter. He has also let it be known that his minions inform him about the attacks on him.  The Vatican now has its own Okhrana, KGB, Gestapo,  and Stasi.  Jorge church is a microcosm of 1984, Animal Farm,  and Brave New World all rolled into one.  Future lists of tyrants will include the names Nero, Adolf, Josef, and Jorge.


The conclusion to be drawn from his refusal to address those who seek clarification of what he has said is that the questions are spot-on.  His studied indifference declares that he has no reasoned, credible response. His silence screams “Yes, I am a heretic, and proud of it.”


Someday Jesus will say to each of us, to Jorge Bergolio, and all the Bergoglians, “I indeed know who you are.”  There will then be a progression for everyone from a belief in the mystery of resurrection to the certain knowledge that heaven is eternal, hell is real, and those in hell are condemned forever.


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  1. The Bergoglian heresy is simply the logical consequence of Vatican II, a council that was announced as a biblically inspired reform but in fact was a secular humanist takeover of the Church.

  2. The problem is not Francis, he is just a symptom. He is the quintessential 21st century post Vatican II bishop. Until Vatican II is actually, really and completely brought in line with the Catholic Faith, and that new understanding imposed without mercy, it will only get worse.

  3. JFK-Many thanks. Great reference. Made me feel so good that we kneel at a communion rail every Sunday. And thanks for reading what I wrote. Guy

  4. “Tu est Petrus … gates of hell …”
    Pope Francis is Peter.
    If you deny that then you are not a Catholic.

    Are you Catholic or not? – or American first and “catholic” second?

  5. Yes, Papa Jorge IS the problem. He is Modernism personified, a product of a dysfunctional order and a dysfunctional nation.

  6. Leo: You haven’t a clue about what is going on. Peter can be wrong, very wrong, as anyone with the least acquaintance with Scripture knows. Your ultramontanism is embarrassingly foolish. Wake up.

  7. There are many who prefer to hide their heads in the sand and think like Leo.
    Their faith is too fragile to step out of the box and see the truth, however unpalatable . The pope is human and not infallible on all matters. I will follow the teachings of Christ without hesitation, especially when His Vicar is on another path, definitely not Heaven.

  8. Guy

    Other than that you don’t have an opinion?!

    As I learned a long time ago; our faith is in Jesus Christ, not the man who is his minister.

  9. Hank-Thanks for reading. Think that’s opinionated? You ought to see the first and second drafts, the ones I tone down before I post the final, calm, edited version. Agree re faith in Jesus, not in the man who had his cronies elect him; but sadly these men stand and act in persona Christi in a special sacramental way, which makes it all the worse when they engage in pederasty, pay our money to the victims, and then they proclaim heresy. I say “these men” – heretics will have no problem disobeying the Command Of The Lord that only males are ordained. Wait for it. Then they will simultaneously publish the Rite For Blessing Loving, Virtuous Homosexual Relationships and the Corrected Rubrics For Ordaining Loving Lesbians. That is the real agenda for the demonic “Joy” of Love. Guy McClung, Texas

  10. By far the best article not only on this Pope but the underlying heretical theology which has corrupted so many holy-intended Priest, Bishops, Religious, and the masses. We can only pray it is not too late.

  11. This Jorge is N.O.T. the one true pope but an Anti-Pope. Pope Benedict is still the one true pope and his resignation was made in great substantial error (canon 188). His error under duress (financial and political foes)is that he could bifurcate the See of Peter, remain in the Vatican, wear pontifical white and retain the ‘title’ Pope emeritus. His actions in error have allowed many to be lead astray by the impostor jorge.

    Prayers and Fasting per Mt 17:20 are in order to correct these errors, bring about Pope Benedict to admit his errors, denounce the entire jorge anti-papacy and begin the healing and restoration of countless souls back to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Our Lady Undoer of Knots, Pray for us.
    Our Lord Jesus, forgive us.

  12. It should be an interesting weekend with tomorrow’s issue of the “[encyclical] letter Placuit Deo to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on some aspects of salvation Christian. I can’t wait.

  13. Leo wrote:

    “Pope Francis is Peter. If you deny that then you are not a Catholic. Are you Catholic or not? – or American first and ‘catholic’ second?”

    People like Leo never said that about Pope Benedict XVI or Pope John Paul II. Indeed, people like Leo despise things like Pope Pius X’s encyclical, Pascendi Dominici Gregis (On the Doctrine of the Modernists).

    Personally, I love the One Catholic and Apostolic Church, but I hate Marxist Peronism, the Caudillo of which the Cardinals of the Church stupidly voted to be Pontiff. I love the United States of America, but I hate liberal progressive feminism, an American invention of depravity and wickedness.

    Out with heresy! In with Godliness and Holiness!
    Out with anti-patriotism! In with loyalty to One Republic under God.

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