Jeanne Ives for Governor of Illinois

It demonstrates what a truly delusional State Illinois currently is, that the below completely factual attack ad against Bruce Rauner sent the chattering classes in Illinois into a collective tissy:






Jeanne Ives, an Illinois State Representative, is running against Bruce Rauner, the worst Republican Governor in the nation.  Rauner is basically a liberal Democrat who is somewhat less insane when it comes to the State finances than the Democrats who have a Gerrymandered grip on the General Assembly.  Ives, Catholic, mother of five, married to her one and only husband, a West Point grad and a down the line pro-life conservative is seeking to topple Rauner in the March 20 primary.



I think I will be tempted to commit ritual seppuku if the race is between Rauner and J.B. Pritzker, the world’s dumbest billionaire.  How dumb is Pritzker?  When the whole state of Illinois knew that Governor Blagojevich was almost certainly under Federal wiretap, Pritzker was calling him.


I think Ives could make mincemeat of Pritzker in the Fall if given a chance by the Republican voters in the primary.  Rauner is trying to bury Ives under an avalanche of money and spurious allegations.  Time to get off the mat in Illinois conservatives.

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  1. “Bruce Rauner, the worst Republican governor in the State”
    Probably because he’s the only Republican Governor in the state right now? I take it you meant “in the nation” or “in state history” (though the latter title IMO still belongs to Len Small).

  2. Thanks Elaine. Correction made. In my hall of infamy as to Republican governors I would put Ryan first, Small second and Rauner third. Blagojevich was the worst Democrat governor with several runners up for second place.

  3. As a former resident of the state, I doubt that even Ives can save it from its obviously greased track to perdition. It seems almost too far gone to be saved and a great contributor to this condition is the “catholic” democrat majority in Chicago that continues to dominate state politics.

  4. If Christ were running as a Republican against Satan running as a Democrat in Cook County, I would not like Our Savior’s chances in that election.

    Seven of the 17 county commissioners have home addresses outside the City of Chicago. Four of the seven are Republicans. The suburban townships have a total population of 2.4 million. The collar counties have a median population north of 600,000. You could partition Cook County.

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