PopeWatch: Durbin

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This pretty well sums up the current pontificate:


Tonight, Georgetown University will present pro-abortion Senator Dick Durbin, D-IL, whose bishop recently barred him from Holy Communion, with an award for devoting “his life to the core Jesuit value of service to others.”

Georgetown President John J. DeGioia will present Durbin with the Jesuit university’s “Timothy S. Healy, S.J. Award for exemplary public service.”

This award is “conferred upon Georgetown alumni who have rendered outstanding and exemplary service to his/her profession or community in support of humanitarian causes,” according to the University.

Go here to read the rest.


Originally elected to Congress from the congressional district including Springfield, Illinois, Durbin ran as a pro-lifer, defeating pro-abort Republican Congressman Paul Findley.  Realizing that a pro-life Democrat was going nowhere in Congress, he switched to being a pro-abort and now has a 100% rating from NARAL and a 0% rating from National Right to Life.  That he is a Catholic is of course of no consequence to him in regard to his politically expedient choice of embracing abortion uber alles.

He was of course in favor of gay marriage and the contraception mandate of the Obama administration.  He has grilled Trump administration nominees of the unforgivable crime of being faithful Catholics.

Such is the type of “Catholic” that is honored in the Age of Francis.

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  1. Once again, Georgetown U and “Catholic” institutions have been feting pro-abort Catholic pols long before the “age of Francis”.

    Secondly, the knee jerk anti-death penalty and open borders advocacy on the part of the American bishops (which sadly includes Bishop Paprocki, whose go along to get along signing on to urging the Illinois Gov to abolish the death penalty in Ill. and his being on the USCCB Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty that produced that calumnious attack on state immigration laws as a violation of religious liberty) have made a significant contribution to producing the Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and Dick Durbin model of Catholic politician.

  2. The church is political and the government is religion. Bishop Paprocki cannot urge the Illinois Gov. to abolish the death penalty. The church and her priests are not the state. Capital punishment is the realm of the state. The Bishop has been ordained to serve Jesus and the souls of men. Priests are not to execute the death penalty for the state. Self-defense is another matter.
    The innocent soul of the newly begotten is the business of the priest, bishops and our church. Those who refused to acknowledge God and God’s innocent children in the womb have no claim on God’s forgiveness.
    The corrupted souls will not be allowed to enter into heaven.
    Robert Drinan, S.J. gave the Kennedys the excuse: “I am not in favor of abortion but I will not impose my morality on the public”. As a priest, Drinan let all those soul go astray.

  3. Mary De Voe wrote:
    Robert Drinan, S.J. gave the Kennedys the excuse: “I am not in favor of abortion but I will not impose my morality on the public”. As a priest, Drinan let all those soul go astray.
    Based on the old saying of “Use it or loose it,” there seems to be quite a bit of moral atrophy going on. From what I’ve heard Robert Drinan, S.J. was actually a strong supporter of abortion rights during his political career. Deeds speak louder than words.

  4. GregB wrote

    “From what I’ve heard Robert Drinan, S.J. was actually a strong supporter of abortion rights during his political career. Deeds speak louder than words.”

    O Mary conceived without sin pray for us. “I am the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION”
    When Our Lady appeared at Lourdes, she told her name. Our Lady’s name: THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION is WHO she is.
    Our Lady came and told Bernadette, now St. Bernadette, what our generation needs to hear: “I AM THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION,” conceived without original sin, in original innocence, as Adam and Eve were created in original innocence, without concupiscence.
    Every rational, immortal human soul is created in original innocence and infused into the human body. The human body brings concupiscence, original sin, as inherited from Adam and Eve. With concupiscence comes the predisposition to actual sin.
    Mary was created in original innocence and freely willed to sublimate her will to the will of God from the very first moment of her existence. Mary cooperated in her own salvation, as we all must, by sublimating her free will to God. God responded to Mary’s offering by granting her perpetual virginity.
    In the fullness of time Mary brought forth the Son of God, Jesus Christ, as only a virgin might.
    All souls are created equal in sovereign personhood in free will and intellect. The soul is the breath of God in man and the source of life. When the soul leaves the body, death occurs.
    When the soul is infused into the body at fertilization, life occurs.
    The Right to Life is an innate human right, guaranteed in our Founding Principles “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our (constitutional) Posterity”, all future generations.
    Every human being comes into existence at fertilization.
    The IMMACULATE CONCEPTION is the soul of Mary IMMACULATE, being infused into her human body. Mary is the model for all human beings with sovereign personhood who are conceived.
    Not Drinan, nor Hesburgh, nor Bergoglio, have faith in the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION.

  5. You have Bishop Paprocki as a lonely voice, under the Metropolitianate of Cupich, quickly made cardinal while Caput and even the Mexican Gomez go without the red hat. And Francis..and Georgetown.. and Notre Dame…and Wuerl..and O’Malley…and Tobin of Newark with the red hat… and the host of the Al Smith Dinner… and the bishops filing an amicus brief supporting the labor unions (with the American section of the Vatican’s WMCW filing another brief) and….well it just goes on forever.

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