The Essence of Fake News

This will doubtless be the only time that Bill Maher, atheist vulgarian leftist, gets a positive notice from TAC, but when a man is right, he is right.  Too much of today’s “news” consists of totally made up controversies on the internet and Maher is dead on in his analysis.  Strong language advisory as to the video:


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  1. Can’t remember where exactly I read this but it’s equally true: 15 years ago, the Internet was an escape from real life; today, real life is an escape from the Internet!

  2. I’ve actually agreed with that jerk several times– he’s got an admirable willingness to, occasionally, commit real humor: speaking the truth in a way that’s entertaining.

  3. If it wasn’t for fake news, they would have no news.

    Everything they believe, e.g., guns!!!, is a hoax. They can’t perpetrate their hoaxes with the truth. Ergo, they erase it.

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