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The heterodoxy of the current Pontificate is the main problem, but, like tax evasion and Al Capone, it may be scandal that ultimately is the downfall of Pope Francis:

A high spending auxiliary bishop in Honduras accused of “abusing seminarians, having a string of male lovers, and terrorizing those who cross him,” has been left in charge of the archdiocese of Tegucigalpa, while its cardinal archbishop, Oscar Andrés Rodriguez Maradiaga, undergoes prostate cancer treatment in Houston, Texas.

According to an investigation carried out by the National Catholic Register, the decision to leave auxiliary bishop Juan José Pineda Fasquelle in charge of the archdiocese since January was made despite a papal investigation that obtained “extremely grave testimonies” regarding Pineda’s alleged financial and sexual misconduct.

The decision is therefore raising questions about why Pope Francis and the Holy See have taken no action in response to the papal investigator’s report, which was reportedly hand-delivered to the Holy Father last May.

Go here to read the rest.  Cardinal Maradiaga has acted as an alter ego for the Pope.  Once again we see that when it comes to friends of the Pope the policy of the Vatican is most definitely to see no evil.


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  1. One more likely possibility for

    “the decision to leave auxiliary bishop Juan José Pineda Fasquelle in charge of the archdiocese since January was made despite”

    Change “despite” to “since he was right in line with the perversions of his predecessor and could be counted on to limit the damage”

  2. Sexual misconduct among our Catholic clergy has made me so sick, I no longer care what they do. And we only know what has been uncovered, what remains to be seen can only be imagined in its enormity.

  3. Goodbye Good Men, a book by Michael Rose tells that the Lavender Mafia is teaching men in the seminary that sodomy is not a sin. Actually sodomy is assault and battery of another person and since sodomy is assault and battery, informed sexual consent cannot be given.
    Looks like Bergoglio is going to do his purgatory here on earth.

  4. Goodbye Good Men,

    Read the reviews by Fr. Johansen and Brian St. Paul, the gist of which that while the general charge was credible, the specifics were often a bum rap. Rose and his sponsor Dale Vree were quite shirty about this critical distance from the thesis Rose was peddling. Rose was also a promoter of the scandal discourse about the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland, which has been discredited in recent years.

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