O God Beyond All Praising

Something for the weekend.  O God Beyond All Praising.  Written by Michael Perry in 1982, it served as the recessional hymn at the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on February 20, 2016.  The tune is Thaxted, the hymn tune written by Gustav Holst from the middle section of the Jupiter movement of Holst’s The Planets.


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  1. Don, This new version is new words to Gustav’s music-probably most famous is UK I Vow To Thee My Country. Check out hymn sung for marriage of Eliz II in the episode of The Crown series-as Winston Churchill walks in-didnt really happen; and really was sung at the funeral of Winston C 30 Jan 65. At least 20 hymns and songs have been written using Gustav’s music. I will require the song in the form of O God Beyond All Praising at my funeral-with emphasis on the 2nd verse. I Vow version sung at Princess Di’s wedding and funeral, and at Margaret T’s funeral.

    I have not yet heard a version I dislike. Must add new verses re valiant Texians.

    Guy Mcclung, Texas

  2. Our Diocese uses the hymn “O God beyond all praising” as a recessional for ordination of priests.
    Let us put war on hold until we have heard all of the music.
    Now, tell me there is no God. I dare you.

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