O God Beyond All Praising

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  1. Don, This new version is new words to Gustav’s music-probably most famous is UK I Vow To Thee My Country. Check out hymn sung for marriage of Eliz II in the episode of The Crown series-as Winston Churchill walks in-didnt really happen; and really was sung at the funeral of Winston C 30 Jan 65. At least 20 hymns and songs have been written using Gustav’s music. I will require the song in the form of O God Beyond All Praising at my funeral-with emphasis on the 2nd verse. I Vow version sung at Princess Di’s wedding and funeral, and at Margaret T’s funeral.

    I have not yet heard a version I dislike. Must add new verses re valiant Texians.

    Guy Mcclung, Texas

  2. Our Diocese uses the hymn “O God beyond all praising” as a recessional for ordination of priests.
    Let us put war on hold until we have heard all of the music.
    Now, tell me there is no God. I dare you.

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