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Yeah, Trump has most definitely driven some people crazy, for example Jill Abrahamson, former New York Times executive editor:


It’s easy to look at what’s happening in Washington DC and despair. That’s why I carry a little plastic Obama doll in my purse. I pull him out every now and then to remind myself that the United States had a progressive, African American president until very recently. Some people find this strange, but you have to take comfort where you can find it in Donald Trump’s America.

Go here to read the rest.  We all have God sized holes in our souls, and if we do not worship God we attempt to fill the void within ourselves with idols.  Even understanding this, a plastic doll of Obama is pathetic beyond belief.

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  1. Thank God it is not a plastic HRH Hillary. Does the Barry Soetoro doll vaporize if your pour holy water on it or sunlight hits it? Guy McClung, Texas

  2. Those people (Obama-worshiping imbeciles) hate reality like Satan hates holy water. When one assumes that, it all makes sense.

  3. I’m a Catholic Priest in a large parish. I witnessed people worshipping Barack Obama. There was a frenzy about his mere presence that outdid even the Beatles or other Rock N Roll heroes. Progressivism is the religion of death and Nihilism, resentment and collective violence.

  4. Fr. John Higgins.
    Prayers on the way for your ministry.
    Keeping the flock together in a large parish must be challenging to say the least. God be with you.
    As for St. Himself?
    Well… I’ll practice charity regarding the city organizer.

  5. The Light Giver.(?)

    Oh. That makes sense.
    Lucifer was one of those too. Now I see the connection.

  6. I was pulled over fishing off Martha’s Vineyard in a small boat by ten (yes – 10!) Coast Guard men and women. Now I feel so lucky!

  7. This woman fancies the world’s shape conforms to her imagination. So, she writes a gassy monograph indicting Clarence Thomas because it just has to be true (never mind that no matter how many words you put on a page, you just cannot substantiate the contents of a hypothetical conversation between two participants which was never memorialized in real time). She writes columns for The Guardian arguing Felonia von Pantsuit is cleaner than a hounds tooth. It’s absurd, but her self-understanding depends on it. We have a pair of people on our Facebook feed who fancy the Obama administration was ‘scandal free’ and that Hillary’s dreadful reputation is a consequence of the ‘right-wing noise machine’. One has degrees from Bowdoin and Columbia. It help you appreciate Alan Dershowitz and the late Christopher Hitchens inasmuch as they were blessed with minds which simply couldn’t generate this sort of drivel.

  8. You’ll note this woman was fired as executive editor of the New York Times because, placed in a supervisory position, people hated working with her. She’s out to grass. Her chosen profession has seen nearly 20 years’ of economic implosion. One element of our public discourse for more than forty years has been the capacity of people like Abramson and her peers to make public officials jump by manufacturing sh!tstorms and controlling the permissible boundaries of discussion. They cannot do that so much. There’s a great deal of media, and Trump has demonstrated how an effective and self-confident politician can prosper while flipping off people like Jill Abramson. Without a doubt, she’s terribly disoriented by this.

  9. @David.

    My apologies.
    The icon of O’bummer, which is grotesque, is flanked by the words; The Light Giver
    My lack of explanation was careless.
    (btw my father, God rest his soul, was stationed at Woods Hole Massachusetts. Served in the Coast Guard during the Korean War.)

  10. I don’t care ’bout the windy trauma
    Just so long I got my plastic ‘Bama
    Sitting on the dashboard of my car
    When I’m going a hundred miles an hour
    All I think of is the almighty power
    Sittin’ there next to my fuzzy die

    – with apologies to Don Imus

  11. Abramson you are not a Roman Catholic. We are not ‘Progressive’. How many people have been put to death because of their Faith and their Practice of venerating the Sacraments given to The Church by God. The Gifts of The Holy Spirit given to the Apostles after a The Resurrection.
    Go watch ‘Paul Apostle of Christ. See what the early Christians went through to follow The Way. Get yourself to a Priest for Reconciliation and save your soul. You might want to read Orthodoxy by GK Chesterton-Apostle of Christ
    He spoke about you and the Progressives as a Secular culture, with the morality of Relativism the philosophy of materialism and politics social Darwinism/and neo Marxism. Remember it was a catholic priest who formulated The Big Bang theory. Over the past 100 years150 million have been murdered by communism,Nazis,pol pot,mao, we have untold numbers in North Korea and how many in Bosnia. Progressives find scapegoats. Catholics seem to be targeted. Remember Isaac and his father. He was spared by a goat (Scapegoat) caught in the bush.

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