Five Years Ago

Well, Francis was elected Pope five years ago.  Here was my initial take:


I go to bankruptcy court and they elect a Pope. It appears to be a good, solid choice. He is doctrinally orthodox. Appears to have opposed Liberation Theology. The fact that he is the first Jesuit Pope should have the conspiracy theorists howling at the moon tonight!

Third non-Italian Pope in a row and the first Pope from the Western Hemisphere.

Go here to view the TAC Post that gave us the news.  The sad and sorry truth is that most Catholics, including more than a few of the Cardinals who elected him, knew little about the new Pope.  In many important ways, that is still the case five years on.

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  1. Pope Francis is to the Church as Obama was to the USA.
    I wonder if the Church will succeed in getting someone to restore true Catholicism as the USA’s new president. Go Trumpy. MAGA.
    Will we be able to say “Make the Church great again.” ?

  2. Had a confused, empty feeling when he emerged, that I couldn’t explain. I rationalized it almost exactly as you did, Don. But the voices almost immediately emerged online, citing parts of his record in Argentina and his battles within his own order, and saying “not so fast…this one is dangerous.” I tried for about two years to whistle past the graveyard and finally gave up. I now agree fully with LQC. God’s will be done.

  3. Fascinating to reread the post and comments from five years ago. Rorate Caeli was predictably sneered at, but there’s no question that they’ve been completely vindicated by Francis’ record since then. And the faint hope that the Holy Father was a “conservative Jesuit” now appears completely ludicrous. Bonchamps, wherever you are, you nailed it!

  4. DC DON –
    I would settle for Make the Church Catholic Again!

    But, he made sure to dash any hopes or expectations from the moment he walked out on the balcony and did his whole “little old me” routine. Then not long afterwards “who am I to judge” was his “New sheriff in town” and there hasn’t been much to celebrate since. So we should be grateful he hasn’t turned the Vatican into a parking lot.

  5. “…the Vatican into a parking lot”…If something similar occurs, but not to St. Peter’s Basilica, God willing, I won’t shed a tear. The corruption is so deep. The Bride of Christ remains pure and beauriful, but the Vatican is something else. It reflects the spirit of the world, and it is ugly.

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