Nigel Farage on Brexit

The godfather of Brexit explains what it means.



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  1. Nigel Farage’s video for Prager University is just the sort of
    reasonable, factual content that gives the censors at YouTube
    the vapors. Last I heard, over 40 Prager University videos
    (around 10% of its total catalogue) were placed on “restricted
    access” by YouTube, and I understand the PU videos as a whole
    were de-monetized. Prayer U is currently suing Google and
    YouTube for their censorship.

    As for Brexit, Nigel Farage’s colleague Daniel Hannan delivered a
    marvelous six-minute speech outlining why leaving the EU is a
    good thing. This was at a televised debate over Brexit– just listen
    to the crowd at the end of Hannan’s defense of the “leave” vote:

  2. October 2012, Nigel Farange commenting on the EU “bail-outs” of Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, “. . . total subjugation of the states to a completely undemocratic structure in Brussels.” And, “The euro-zone is in a very dark place economically,socially, and politically.” The mandarins don’t want anybody to know.

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