Silent Scream




Leah Torres, an abortionist out in Utah, likes to defend abortion on twitter.  This week she explained why her third trimester victims don’t scream:


Go here to read the rest.  In Hell Nazis are telling each other that they were just slightly ahead of the times.


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  1. Sometimes, when I read about someone like Leah Torres, I
    suspect she’s had an abortion in her own past and she’s
    cultivating this abortion-is-wonderful attitude as a way to
    silence those nagging feelings of horror at what she did
    all those years ago.

    And then there’s times I suspect demonic possession
    might be involved.

    Maybe it’s both.

  2. There are some people who are simply evil, and I rather suspect that most abortionists may well fit into that category. However, as Bernard Nathanson demonstrated with his life, though our sins be as scarlet, none of us cannot be redeemed by the grace of God.

  3. Leah Torres will never get rest.
    Eternal rest grant unto them dear Lord..the murdered children, and may perpetual light shine upon them.

    The unrepentant will only hear the gut wretching screams of
    the damned. F O R E V E R.

    The practices that these monsters preform on the innocent are hellish. And then to come out and state that the fetus doesn’t scream, as if that is supposed to be reassuring or soothing for the mother! People are living their lives as if there is no afterlife. No consequences for behavior that 70 years ago would secure the mentality ill into a asylum. Now the mentality ill are doctors who pride themselves in ripping out innocent babies from the womb.

    God have mercy. I’m finding it hard too.

  4. “…none of us cannot be redeemed by the grace of God.”
    Cooperation with that grace is mandatory. If they reject that grace they are doomed.

  5. Hmmm. Lumps of non-human being have spinal cords and tracheas. Who would have thought? I guess if a trachea ans spinal cord are growing it must be some sort of anomaly. Hey, there’s a nead, neck, torso, arms, legs, fingers, and toes growing in a uterus, so there must be something wrong. Those things aren’t supposed to grow there. Maybe she should have them removed.

  6. The Silent Scream clip and other similar videos should be shown prior to each abortion. Mandatory viewing. We are contributing $500,000,000 annually to the largest abortion Mill in our country. Since I don’t have a choice in that distribution, thus far, then I want legislation that makes it mandatory for every mother who, out of convenience or as a form of birth control, must view said video prior to the death of her child. Or return our money. If they won’t do that, then make it law to view this material. If after viewing clips the decision to cancel abortion is made then praise God.

    Why are we forced to fund PP?
    Why aren’t school children walking out of classrooms for this cause. Far more of their future classmates are being radically and systematically killed off!

    ENOUGH indeed.

  7. Come on Phil, we all know PP doesn’t use gov’t funds for abortions, they use it for all those mammograms they don’t perform….Oh wait, maybe they are being honest when they assert that….They’re just using it to fund pro-death candidates of both parties in a very expensive kick-back scheme to which the media have been willingly blind…but hey, what do I know?

  8. Let me rephrase that Philip: “And Nancy Pelosi is a Catholic in good standing in hell.”
    Leah Torres does not believe in God, the human soul, the unalienable human rights, our Founding Principles and our Founding Fathers.
    The unborn, newly begotten human beings are George Washington’s constitutional Posterity, yours and mine. Never put on the ballot, our tax money is extorted to grant approbation to murder our nation’s most legally and morally innocent citizens. Atheism imposed. Satanic worship. Never proved that the newly begotten human soul was not a human being, body and soul in the womb.
    This is 2018. with ultrasound, with DNA. WHO gave the abortionist the right to take human life. Even capital punishment, the death penalty is executed through the power of attorney of the condemned. The newly begotten wills to live and gives no one the right to abolish him.
    Even in hell, the soul continues to exist.

  9. This is the cruelest, most sickening thing I’ve read about an abortionist. As a woman and a physician how can she be so disassociated? There must be something in her past to make her so damaged, as Clinton remarked..

  10. “What I gathered from the story was this; — that he had identified himself, his whole will, his whole life practically, with the cause of Satan. I could not detect as he talked that he had ever seriously attempted to detach himself from that cause. It has been said a saint is one who always chooses the better of two courses open to him at every step; so far as I could see this man had always chosen the worse of the two courses. When he had done things that you and I would think right, he had always done them for some bad reason. … Out of his eyes looked a lost soul. … Ah! It was not that he had never known before what God was, and His service and love; it was just his condemnation that he had known: that he had seen, not once or twice but again and again, the two ways and had, not once or twice but again and again, chosen the worse of the two; and now he was powerless.” — Robert Hugh Benson, “Poena Damni”, THE LIGHT INVISIBLE

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