The Latest Children’s (Political Pawns) Leftist Crusade

Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts has some thoughts on the completely astroturfed, and absurd, student walkout against “gun violence” this week:

Avoiding self reflection in the wake of school shootings


Is just what youth are doing across our nation today, as students bravely skip school to serve the designs of the Gun Control movement.  The fact is, almost every school shooter was a student who was brutally and ruthlessly bullied.  You’d think someone in our media would bother to ask all these students if they could reflect on what part some of them might have played in bullying others.

We know that before the Parkland shooter was officially identified, students reported that they knew who did it.  And they knew why.  The kid was bullied.  Given the fact that we have elevated bullying to being the worst thing since the Holocaust, this should somehow have made the news.  Of course the myriad failures that led to the shooting have been all but ignored, so I suppose that’s grasping.

As Ashe Schow at The Federalist points out, this is ultimately just exploiting and using these convenient youth as ideological shields. After all, who dares question them?  They’re the victims, they’re the future and they’re the hope.  A common partisan tactic.

BTW, Jonah Goldberg posted a rather controversial, but sane, piece exposing the lunacy behind this notion that ‘the kids have spoken, so it must be.’  At least the kids that have spoken about gun control.  Kids who aren’t about gun control seem to be strangely silent.

Fact is, we know guns have nothing to do with the overall violence problems in America today.  People have killed with or without guns for ages.  Around the world, where guns are scarce, in violent societies, people will turn to other means of mass killing.  And guns were far more available decades ago when we didn’t have this phenomenon we casually refer to as ‘school shootings.’

In our country, the mass shootings – as horrible as they are – account for a small portion of deaths by gunfire. The solutions everyone is talking about might have reduced some of the casualties in a few of the mass shootings, but that is all.  Despite promises that gun control activists know there is more to do than lobby for gun restrictions, they never seem to get around to anything other than lobbying for gun restrictions.

When thinking about the violence, more likely than anything is the fact that we are a society that peddles hedonism and narcissism as the two cardinal virtues, and that might not be a healthy trend.  We are a society that thinks nothing of defining what is and isn’t a human being per our latest convenience, and that has to have a subconscious impact on people.   We are a nation that increasingly sees life as pointless unless we are able to indulge in creature comforts or even debauchery and decadence, and that must have devastating consequences for those who can’t keep up with the material world.  We are a country that has become divided, and spews hatred and contempt at those who don’t agree with us in a way that would shame most wartime propaganda, and we know what wartime propaganda is capable of inspiring.

These things and more are likely why we have school shootings, not guns.  The fact that our kids see adults acting like our nation just described, but without the cleverness and maturity of ‘adults’, has likely turned old time bullying into something truly wicked and evil.  And those who are in the cross hairs of that behavior, who have other problems to contend with, become the killers that are subsequently ignored by the forces who only see things like Parkland as validation for their agendas. 

If we cared about stopping the violence, instead of merely pushing an agenda, we might show up to the student protests and apologize for the nation we have built, and assure the kids it’s time for all of us to begin walking back from the problems we have made.  I won’t hold my breath.

Go here to comment.  Leftists by and large don’t have many, or any, kids, so they come after ours to serve as their foot soldiers in their ceaseless odyssey for political power and better living through State control.  The wisdom of the Founding Fathers, and their ceaseless suspicion of government, stands in stark contrast to the idiocy of the time in which we are fated to live.

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  1. Bless Their Hearts!

    Your school tax monies have been used to brainwash (with unadulterated, unleavened bunkum) several generations of youthful fascists .

    For decades they only taught Marxist catch-phrases, irrelevant political tirades, liberal gibberish, and propaganda that America is all and only evil, not real culture or History. No wonder we have the youth we have: illiterate, miseducated, misinformed, and socialist. They won’t or can’t read, or cannot deductively reason and understand documents like the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Word of God, the things that our nation is structured upon and founded upon; and in that way, then, the elite can do what they want with the useful idiots.”

  2. Can you imagine the outcry if next month, the cultural right gathers all the masses of sponge-like children to leave schools and march across America to protest for child safety–stop abortion?

  3. The rise of Homeschooled children from caring intelligent Christian parents is the antidote to what T. Shaw described. Five or six families financially support the teaching parent (s). These children are college prepared at 15 years of age. Latin – Musically adept in one or more instrument and high achievers are getting placement in the best conservative colleges. Hillsdale, Ava Maria University, Francisan University of Steubenville. One child/young adult that I know has been selected to tour with the Vatican choir. She’s in Rome now. Talented and not subject to the brainwashing ideologies of the left, these homeschooled children are our Hope.

    Pray unceasingly.

  4. A bit of a peeve– most of the time, school shooters were not bullied. Frequently, they were the bullies*– but it’s a lot easier to demonize kids for recognizing Something Seriously Wrong than to be outraged at adults that didn’t want to deal with it, or otherwise excused the behavior that went on before.

    * it is seriously freaky to see the “punish victims of bullying as much or worse than the bullies” policy that’s been in place from the 80s being expanded to objective violent crime and theft that isn’t even done at school…and then they blame the guns?!?!

  5. The brave, brave children obediently filed out of the classrooms, as ordered.
    Bravely setting aside the tools of learning, they followed the herd.
    They bravely learned to blend in with the cool kids.
    Courageously refusing to act independently, they all agreed with the script.
    Knowing the scorn they would face from classmates and teachers if they stayed in class, they bravely skipped class, as scheduled.
    Was any teacher brassy enough to give a test that day?
    Did any teacher remain in the classroom with the non-conformist students, or did they all go outside to supervise the spontaneous uprising of the snowflakes?
    Was any child resolute to remain at his desk?
    Show me the solitary teenager, alone in his classroom.
    Show me the student who said, “No. I do not agree with this mandatory fun.”
    Show me the kid who said, “I think this is disgraceful. I refuse to participate. I will not drink your Jonestown Kool Aid.”
    I want that kid to be my neighbor, my congressman someday, my fellow citizen.
    Years from now, those kids will see each other, and they will recognize each other. “We did not walk out. We did not go along. We’re staying here.”

  6. God bless Andy Dalsin with his unapproved sign. God bless Kenny MacDonald with his video camera. God bless the other unnamed students who carried unapproved signs. Keep your eye on these brave souls.

    But I still wonder if any students, or teachers, were allowed simply to stay in the school, to opt out of the planned and supervised disruption of class. Did anyone think that their classroom was a better forum and a better place to be?

  7. Hi Foxfire,
    I’ll say the fact is almost every school shooter is said to have been bullied, at least in the days following the events. Whether later investigation bears that out, I don’t know. But like Parkland, or even smaller local cases, it seems almost every time someone says ‘he was bullied.’ Perhaps some were, in their own way, bullies as well. I don’t know. I just know the initial reports almost always seem to point to bullying of some sort.

  8. Dave-
    yes, every single time they are VERY loud about the shooter having been “bullied.” Same way that they traditionally have a neighbor talking about how the gun who did X horrible thing was “a great guy who you never would’ve expected to do anything like this,” and how every dang school kid they interview happens to be saying the angle the news wants to push.
    If you can get details on the bullying, it turns out that the bullying sounds a whole lot like a hostile description of “some people acted like the shooters were violent psychopaths.” The news has slowly started actually reporting when classmates say “when I heard there was a shooting, I knew it was so and so.”

    It’s the stuff that comes out later doesn’t fit the “bullied” story, though. Usually details like that they were the ones attacking people in the “fights,” and their victims were punished more harshly because that’s what you do when someone fights back. Clean record= punished much more harshly, so they will stop fighting back and the administration can ignore it. It does, after all, take two to fight.

    How many folks know that some of the Columbine shooting’s guns were bought by the girlfriend of one of ’em? I didn’t know that until recently– although I did know that they weren’t “bullied outcasts,” even though it was before I’d ever heard of anything like blogs, because we had a gal at our school who had transferred from Columbine a year and a half before the shooting/attempted bombing.

    School shooting up in Washington, where the guy from the reservation shot his cousins and the gal he liked, as well as her friend– he was one of the most popular kids in school, other than with the kids he bullied.

  9. It’s one of my areas of focus, being a geek and noticing how the “anti bullying” policies always seem to actually enable the bullies to do more damage while not actually doing anything to stop bullying of non-trendy subjects, or even cutting down on physical assault.

    I was voted most likely to be a school shooter by my classmates. I’m still not sure if they were that freaking stupid, or if it was just a new route of attempted harassment, but the school took it seriously enough that they set up a “mentor” for me. (during school hours, without asking my parents…)
    I scared her. Not because I was a crazy– but because I acted like myself. I was socialized with adults and talked like it. She was, as best I can figure, expecting some kind of Hollywood teenager who just needed some attention to bloom into a normal social-butterfly teen. She got…me. Opinionated, analytical, and geeky as all get-out. The lady did give it a very good try, though, and I got to exercise my manners on how to talk to someone with whom you have no common interests.
    Thank God for the internet and Star Trek chat boards.

    All of this and similar “find the socially out of it and act like they’re a deadly threat” stuff did absolutely nothing to make the school safer, although we’re unlikely to have a shooting. School is in panicked sprint distance to the nearest farm house which will have guns, so nobody is dumb enough to think no guns on campus means there aren’t any around, and there’s better places for suicide by cop.

    Conversely, the policies that teach those kids most at risk that they will get away with it are gaining steam. That’s how the shooter most recently had the cops called to his house every few weeks and didn’t have ANYTHING. Policy to lower the rate of “minority” criminals– and by his last name, he counted.

  10. Nate–
    did you hear the worst response to those young heroes?
    Code Pink wants JROTC banned from schools.
    It’s like they truly do want the body counts to get ever higher, and not include the shooter.

  11. This has turned into a great Foxfier thread.
    (Sorry. You may delete my comment that only addresses another reader. Although with adulation.)

  12. Foxfier,
    Fair enough. I can’t help but think there is something to it all. I can’t remember the last time any of the shooters were said to have been popular, homecoming court types, football captains and superstars. I’m sure there are some ‘he was a quiet man’ trends, but I can’t help but think between the two extremes lies closer to the case. Though I agree that the approach to bullying seems to do nothing other than accompany more and more hateful levels of bullying.

  13. Foxfier- i hadn’t heard but it doesn’t surprise me.

    Don- me too.

    I like to imagine one of those cartoons were we see soldiers from every era lined along the path to the golden gates, saluting those kids as they arrived.

    Full honors to them indeed.

  14. Foxfier, You seem to have put some thought into the stats. We were wondering how many school shooters were known to belong to team sports. Just curious.

  15. Dave–
    the sample size is so tiny that it’s hard to figure out; I know that one in Washington was, but then again he is more of a murder/suicide that happened to happen at school, rather than the “I want to kill a bunch of people” type spree shooter that folks usually mean for “school shooter.” (Which, if we’re going to be comparing apples to apples, would mean we’d have to research other murders committed by those enrolled in schools– which would add a lot of recognized “crime related” murders to the count. While it might be interesting, it’s a problem we’re already dealing with, so I prefer to go the other way and focus on the “people killing others for no real coherent reason.” While shooting a guy for dating the girl you like is dumb and evil, it does make sense.)

    One of the Columbine shooters used the school mascot as his online handle.

    For the college school shootings, I believe several were in high school sports, but not being on a scholarship they of course didn’t at college.
    The one thing that all the spree shooters we have information on do have in trouble is that they had been on prescription drugs for depression ADHD or ADD. And it’s almost always in the past tense– they didn’t have it in their system when the shootings happened.

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