PopeWatch: Cartoon Pope

Left wing loon, cartoonist Ted Rall, finally has found a Pope he likes:

Written from a far-left political perspective, the book calls Pope Francis a refreshing new leader but argues that he isn’t liberal enough.

While entertainingly drawn and sharply written, ultimately the book is too tendentious in its political bias.

Rall, an atheist and Pulitzer Prize finalist, advocates for same-sex marriage, contraception, married priests, female priests and abortion. Acknowledging the unlikelihood of the Catholic Church ever changing its stance on these core issues — the pontiff himself has no power to revise dogma, though the celibacy of the clergy is a matter of practice, not technically doctrine — Rall instead celebrates Francis as the harbinger of a “new tone” in the church.

Go here to read the rest.  By your fan base shall we know ye.


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  1. Interesting. We were talking about this the other day. Ever notice that all of a sudden the Catholic Church is OK? When I was a pastor back in the 90s and early 00s, I used to quip that I thanked God for the Catholic Church, since it was the one thing our culture seemed to hate more than Evangelicals. The Church was certainly a primary target when I was coming of age in the 80s. Now that’s not the case at all. The world seems to have reconciled itself with the Church, at least for the time being. Evangelicals, it’s worth noting, are now the main targets.

  2. Verse Before the Gospel See Lk 8:15
    Blessed are they who have kept the word with a generous heart
    and yield a harvest through perseverance.

    Our marching orders come from above. The one who sent Jesus, in today’s Gospel reading John 8:31-42, is our commander in chief. Any faulty second in command is noted by our chief and He is aware. Nothing gets past Him without His knowledge, so march on soldier of Christ. Pray, fast, give alms and forgive those who tread on you.
    Our time on the field of battle is brief.
    Make the best of it.
    Engage the enemy within your own heart first, then you will win converts.
    At a moment’s notice our unit could be called back.
    Our gains or losses will be scrutinized.
    Ours. Individually.

  3. Evangelicals, it’s worth noting, are now the main targets.

    I was eventually banned from the boards at Religion News Service. I got the definite impression that there’s a large population of Vichy Evangelicals who will eventually ruin extant evangelical institutions. One also gets the impression that the evangelical leadership stratum is composed of people with marketing degrees, in re the net result is dismaying.

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