Thanks Hillary

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  1. Two thoughts: [1] When she started her list of President Trump nonsense and lies, she through in, no kidding, “Indian Americans”. Talk about playing to the crowd, as usual. She is the most bitter woman on the biggest pity party tour ever. And, [2] when I was young, we were taught to be “ambassadors” wherever we went. We were ambassadors for Christ, for our family, for our city, for our state and especially for our country. Both HRC and Obama place themselves above and beyond all of the above. Very pitiable.

  2. Hillary Clinton personifies the character Dark Helmet in Spaceballs.
    A menace to herself and her party.
    Egomaniac, Mini-bama in heels, the emperor who’s not wearing clothes. Take your pick. No one can deny that her true colors sunk her chances in ’16. Thank goodness America wasn’t color blind.

  3. /sigh

    Why do all these so-called feminists spend so much time telling me I’m either not a real woman or that I’m such a wuss that my husband’s mind control powers will change my vote, rather than anything resembling thought?

  4. I have the impression that HRC’s conception of domestic life has been derived from the homes in which she herself has lived, both of which were pathological.

  5. I had a similar discussion along those lines with my wife this morning Art. Hillary really does not know what normal married life is like, not that I think she would give it a thumbs up even if she did. Hillary, dating back to her hubbies run for the Presidency back in 92, has always struck me as one very strange puppy.

  6. Foxfier-Knowing what I know of you from your writings, your husband’s mind control powers must be really awesome. Has he ever himself considered running for public office?

    I thought we had to always preface “HRC” ” with “HRH”.

    Guy McClung, Texas

  7. Hillary, dating back to her hubbies run for the Presidency back in 92, has always struck me as one very strange puppy.

    See David Warren’s assessment of Benazir Bhutto, who was a personal acquaintance from way back. I don’t think Hillary is as distorted and disfigured a human being as Benazir Bhutto (who may well have put out contracts on her own brothers), but it’s clear she’s been addled and driven by personal ambition to a degree which might embarrass Richard Nixon and had an absence of scruple Nixon never did. Recall that she was fired for cause from her first law job in 1974, didn’t land another one until her husband was elected state attorney-general in 1976, was the key figure in the rape of the Legal Services Corporation during the Carter Administration (while we’re at it, how did a 31 year old associate at a provincial mid-law firm end up as chairman of the board of the Legal Services Corporation?), and had her adventures in commodities trading in 1981, at age 34. The commodities trading episode makes no sense except as a laundered bribe of some sort, but all those ‘investigative reporters’ who used to work for major media were completely incurious about it.

    And then there’s Chelsea. One thing I find amazing about Bilge Clinton is that he’s never knocked anyone up but once. His father sired three children by three different women between the ages of 19 and 28 and his brother produced a bastard child at age 34. Perhaps it’s Bilge’s his well-known preference for sodomy. I cannot help but notice that Chelsea was born during a difficult re-election campaign to a mother who was nearly a decade older than were most of her immediate contemporaries when they birthed their 1st child, after which said mother never had another child. Does Chelsea suspect that she might have been a campaign prop?

  8. If I had suggested to the Warden that she ought to consider voting for Trump, she’d have kicked my behind.

    In case you haven’t been paying attention (or you’re a liberal idiot [redundant]), Hillary, in particular, her yellow-dog media, and the elites/mandarins, e.g., deep state, in general, are only sufficiently smart to hide her high crimes and misdemeanors. Everything: the economy, foreign affairs health care that they touch is ruined.

  9. Of course she’s right, most homes are run by the man these days right?
    all those women out there are just as happy as sheep to be told what to think,

    the typical modern family (the one that isn’t broken that is) is an equal partnership, it’s just that the woman is more equal than the man. (excuse me I should have said the typical mixed gender family)

  10. Guy-
    I’ll take that as a complement– given the ladies in my ancestry, it’s a good effort if we don’t go totally tyro. Part of why I married him is that he doesn’t bull over, so when I’m fixated on doing something really stupid, he won’t go along with it.

    He has actually growled about running for office, usually out of exasperation from NOBODY being willing to be the bad guy. Both of us keep cheering when Trump is willing to make folks mad, because it’s a standard way to get around the manipulative sorts. “I’d only be in for one term, if I could even get anybody to elect me, and I’d probably have to walk around with a yakbak that said ‘where is our authority to do that’.”


    Does Chelsea suspect that she might have been a campaign prop?

    I’m afraid that’s the least of the utilitarian abuse she’s aware of.

  11. It’s been suggested that Chelsea Clinton’s father was the late Web Hubbell. Seeing the pictures side by side there is a resemblance.
    Feminazis discount any woman who isn’t in love with abortion or is in a traditional marriage. Those women didn’t represent me when I was young and single, or older, married with children.
    My 35 y.o. son is back in school. He tells me he wants to get married and have a family, but the women he meets are all feminists. I’ve suggested to him that he needs to attend some events at the university’s Newman Center (if that’s what they’re still called.)

  12. Just go away, Hillary. Not sure what her India tour was all about with her cackling photo ops. Showing her fans that she’s prime for 2020? That is until she fell twice – once on some temple steps and then in the bathroom fracturing her hand. Parkinsons? She appears to still have that wandering eye. Just go away, Hillary.

  13. Hubbell’s still alive and no, she doesn’t look particularly like him, any more than Obama looks like old photos of Frank Marshall Davis. Hubbell is fat and froglike. Chelsea’s most notable feature would be her oversized teeth and mouth, which are to be found on her mother’s mug as well.

  14. Parkinsons? She appears to still have that wandering eye. Just go away, Hillary.

    Not sure the eye movement argument is all that persuasive, but she has had odd spasms in public settings and there was that one very strange incident where she seemed to freeze up on a podium and then some Rosie Greer-sized minder shows up at her size and utters some odd words in her ear caught by the hot mike (after which she can speak).

  15. “…a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.”

    What a horse’s hind end that woman Hillary Clinton is. No one – especially me – can tell my wife what to do. No one can pressure her, persuade her, influence her, compel her, force her, fool her or trick her into doing something other than exactly what she wants to do. And if she asks my opinion on something, she will certainly do just the opposite of what I advise. As for politics, she is conservative and trust me – that has nothing to do with me.

    What a freaking idiot Hillary is. Just incredible that woman’s pride and arrogance. Someone needs to put her in her place, and I am certain my wife would volunteer to do it if she could.

  16. “Hillary, dating back to her hubbies run for the Presidency back in 92, has always struck me as one very strange puppy.”
    A Godless, power-hungry shrew. They shall stand up to be condemned by their own words.

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