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A victim has been found to be sacrificed for Lettergate:


Msgr. Vigano read selected passages from the letter at a presentation on 12 March. Then journalists received a doctored image of the letter, which blurred out the lines where Pope Benedict explained he would not be reading the books.

In his letter of resignation (in Italian), Msgr. Vigano told Pope Francis that although it was not intentional, his actions had “destabilised the complex and great work of reform”.

“I think that for me stepping aside would be a fruitful occasion for renewal,” he said.

The Vatican press office has not explained why the picture of the letter was doctored. It told the Associated Press that it was never intended for full publication.


Go here to read the rest.  To complete the farce, the Pope in accepting the resignation then promptly appointed Vigano as second in command of the organization he just resigned as head of in ostensible disgace.  The safe course in regard to this Vatican is to assume that everything said or written by them is a lie until proven otherwise.

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  1. No regret, no remorse and (most importantly) no apology to the Pope Emeritus for a betrayal of trust…by either the Msgr or the bishop of Rome.
    Liars and decievers.

  2. It seems where ever the contraceptive mentality prevails, the ends then begin to justify the means in everything.

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