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  1. Actually, that’s four pictures, but they are indeed worth more than a thousand words. Thanks for passing that on…can we send it to the executives of companies that have donated to Planned Parenthood?

  2. I’m waiting until the folks at the Social Security Administration start to count their beans (or lack of them) for about 2037.

  3. Teachers unions are pretty much the same thing.
    At our rec center, the teaching pros generally don’t want children. No one else does either, to be honest. Alas, the children are a major part of the income for the club.

  4. Kids get in the way of young people living like the young people portrayed in the beer commercials. It’s hard to avoid them. You see young adults at a party. All of them are good looking and well dressed and enjoying themselves with the brand of beer being advertised. Then you see the young adults enjoying themselves at a concert. 35 years ago I went to concerts and the tickets were around ten dollars. then you see the young adults at a beach. Again, they are all good looking and enjoying themselves with the brand of beer being advertised.

    The truth is that few young adults have the disposable income to enjoy themselves the way it is portrayed in the beer commercials. Now, if you have kids, you can forget about going on vacations to far off places for years and years. Forget the parties, too.

    Popular culture is one of the vehicles of the Culture of Death and maybe the most effective. Kids are hard work. This Palm Sunday morning, both have aggravated me. My ten year old should be called Sour Grapes because he produces a lot of “whine” almost every day. The six year old should be called The Devious Mr. Fuji (like the old WWF wrestler) because he is always scheming something.

    It’s still better to have them. One day, the parties and the concerts and the beach parties always shown in the beer commercials get old, but you have to live it first to know that.

  5. While the going out of business probably had more to do with the choices that made it so that I could walk in with a $100 gift certificate and not find anything I wanted to buy, that really didn’t help.

    Ben B-
    A friend and fellow veteran has a meme he brings out for this sort of “humor.”
    It’s a picture of Stalin with the words:
    Dark humor is like food
    not everyone gets it.

    I figure that it depends strongly on recognizing that something is horrible, but steals a lot of the power…while making it so you don’t forget.

  6. Penguins Fan.

    Here’s to you! ?
    Your wisdom is earned.
    Your kids will earn it too. In time.
    Happy Palm Sunday.

  7. The run down in the total fertility rate occurred between 1957 and 1976. There’s been a partial recovery since then and no decline in the raw number of live births each year. Declining fertility is not why a corporation founded in 1957 went into bankruptcy court in 2017.

    Corporate philanthropy is generally a bad idea because of principal-agent problems. It’s not going to reflect the shareholder’s priorities, but of the institutional apparatchicks who are attracted to the prospect of working for foundations. (Recall Barack Obama was at one time considered for a position as president of the Joyce Foundation in Chicago). The bad publicity was such that Toys ‘R’ Us ceased donating to Planned Parenthood 8 years ago. (The amended complaint was that they donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which donates to Planned Parenthood).

  8. I’m waiting until the folks at the Social Security Administration start to count their beans (or lack of them) for about 2037.

    What is the significance of that date? That’s the expected retirement date of the 1970 cohort.

  9. Children born today will turn 19 in 2037 and be working and paying into Social Security. Likewise, children not born this year will not be paying into Social Security.

  10. The Soc. Sec. insolvency date

    It’s an income transfer program, not a corporation pension fund. The babble about ‘insolvency’ is bollocks.

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