Music Loving Bishop Bans Concert

Father Z gives us this good news:




The National Sodomitical Reporter (aka Fishwrap) threw an editorial tantrum today about the decision of the Bishop of Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph (where Fishwrap’s offices are located), Most Rev. James Johnston not to allow at a diocesan parish a concert by former Jesuit Dan Schutte.

Schutte was one of the “St. Louis Jesuits” whose music tormented congregations for years.

Schutte was once on the Fishwrap’s board.

I wouldn’t bring this up, but the NSR dragged me into it by name in reference to the infamous Jesuit homosexualist activist James Martin.

BTW…NSR earns it’s middle term, “sodomotical” because they never lose an opportunity to promote a homosexualist agenda.

NSR aimed their editorial against Bp. Johnston.  They want him to conform.  I suspect that they will pick on him, as they did Bp. Finn.

They want Johnston to denounce Church Militant for spreading “fake news” about Schutte and allow the event to take place.

I have a counter suggestion.

Fishwrap should remove the word “Catholic” from their masthead, as they were directed to do by Johnston’s predecessor Bp. Helmsing in 1968.  Maybe then Johnston would be open to discussions of Schutte’s performance.

Either that, or finally become Catholic.

NSR defied Bp. Helmsing, openly attacked Finn, and has now started in on Johnston.


Go here to read the rest.  Now the Bishop needs to ban all Saint Louis Jesuit songs for a period in his diocese, for the next century or so.  Bad Music has been one of the banes of the Church for the past half century and it is time for it to end.  Ban the crap from the sixties and the seventies and let us free our Church from its musical Babylonian Captivity.


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  1. “Fishwrap should remove the word “Catholic” from their masthead, as they were directed to do by Johnston’s predecessor Bp. Helmsing in 1968.”


    Many so-called Catholic organizations need to adhere to the official teachings of the Holy Catholic Church or be striped of their Catholic identity/ brand.

    Norte Dame, as an example.
    Engaging the culture doesn’t mean jumping into bed with it. It does mean to toss away barnacles that only destroys the integrity of the hull. Homosexuality, Transgenderism, Abortion on demand..each has an inherent evil and until the true mercy is applied to each illness the so-called Catholic institutions that embrace these “lifestyle choices” will only advance the debauchery that it is.

    Douay-Rheims Bible
    “But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.”
    Matthew 5:37

  2. Ban the crap from the sixties and the seventies and let us free our Church from its musical Babylonian Captivity.

    Sorry to be repetitive. Around about 2004, the Diocese of Rochester conducted a poll of laity on musical preferences. The results were as follows: 24% wanted strictly traditional music, 18% wanted strictly modern music, 29% wanted a mix, and 29% were indifferent or dislike service music. The condition of the liturgy in the Diocese of Rochester has been less dire in my observation than the situation in Syracuse. Local clergy in Syracuse effect a ‘compromise’ between these viewpoints by offering services with no music and services wherein you can expect 85% of the music to be modern and 15% traditional.

    The fault here lies with pastors and administrators and parish councils. It’s not difficult to craft a musical program consisting of plainchant that would consume less manpower than the dreck program they offer. They Just Don’t Feel Like It.

  3. I like Father Z’s “style.” Suggested edit, give “Gomorrah” equal “billing.”

    Disappointment with “bad music” (protestant, bubble-gum pabulum) is one reason we attend 7:30AM Sunday Mass – it contains no music.

  4. Art Deco, thank you! And can we remove all OCP Hymnals (they have another name for them, which I forget) that provide the l elevator music that is used in lieu of other sources. The St. Louis Jesuits have been the musical microbes that have corrupted sacred music. I quote from Music Sacra:
    “The St. Louis Jesuits have indeed succeeded in transforming the sound and shape of Catholic liturgy, so much so that the authentic sound of Catholicism has been largely relegated to the land of CDs and specialized liturgical settings.”
    Notice that phrase, “the authentic sound of Catholicism”.
    See below for the full article:

  5. My husband likes the 0730 (silent) Mass. Actually it’s not so silent; we sing the Agnus Dei, the Sanctus and the Alleluia. For the most part we are seniors so remember the chant. No nouveau recessional. Instead we say the prayer to St. Michael.

  6. I hate our the music our youth produce on “youth” Sundays. The Drums & tambourine are too loud, and the worshipful atmosphere are not enhanced. That is besides the lack of harmony & musical ability.

  7. Barbara Gordon.

    I’m cringing just thinking about it..drums and tambourine..then the thought occurred to me, they are present. The youth are gathered praising our Lord. Participants in the Mass. Each person at Mass is offering in union with the Priest, prayers and supplications. Thanksgiving too. Thanks be to God they are present.

    TLM with the angelic choir is my favorite…but shouldn’t the question be what is HIS favorite? HE is to be honored and adored. What is HIS opinion?
    Baptist praise songs? Gregorian chant? Polka Mass?
    His mercy is inexhaustible… thank goodness. We are quite a fickle group of children but He loves us anyway.

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