100 Top Catholic Blogs

Feedspot has done a listing of the top 100 Catholic blogs based upon viewership.  The American Catholic comes in at number 47.  Here is what is said about us:

About Blog The American Catholic is an online community of Christians, motivated by a rich heritage of Catholic spiritual and intellectual tradition, seeking to engage American society and culture in pursuit of the common good.
Frequency about 21 posts per week
Since Oct 2008
Website the-american-catholic.com
Facebook fans- n/a . Twitter followers- 76 . Alexa rank – 850,099

I find this interesting because unlike most of the other top blogs, The American Catholic has never done much with Facebook, Twitter or other social media.  Go here to read the article.

We have about 1.3 million views a year, somewhat more in presidential election years.  We draw readership around the globe, although mostly from the US and Canada.

The blog will be celebrating its tenth anniversary in October and we will be running some retrospective pieces throughout the year.  I blog for amusement and I have found the blog to be quite a bit of fun, and I hope that our readers usually think the same.


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  1. Nearly all on that list are auxilliaries to publications or institutions. I see Fr. Z, One-Peter-Five, you all, and Darwin on there. I used to check a mess of freelancers 15 years ago, but they’ve pretty much closed up shop or offer few remarks for public consumption anymore.

  2. Mark Shea might finally be reaping what he has sown.
    Maybe he will consider the Abby of Our Lady of Gethsemani in Trappist Kentucky.(?)

  3. Mark Shea might finally be reaping what he has sown.
    Maybe he will consider the Abby of Our Lady of Gethsemani in Trappist Kentucky.(?)

    Hey! What did my state ever do to you to inflict Shea on us??? 😛 lol

  4. Don’t post here now, except extremely rarely. But, I always will follow your blog, Don.

    Thank you.

  5. Don, TAC is definitely in my top 5 reads. Thank you for your work. I especially value the obscure historical essays that few other writers would touch. God Bless

  6. I’m here every day as well. If my father were still alive, I’d recommend he read it for the historical posts. He loved history.

  7. Congratulations to you, Don, and to your contributors. TAC has a wide variety of articles. There is always an article that I can pass on to friends whether Catholic or not. You are unafraid to tackle controversial subjects where others are afraid to go. Always orthodox to Christ’s teachings. Often there is laugh out loud humor. TAC #1 !

  8. I’ve enjoyed the labor of love known as TAC for a few years now and wish only it’s future success. Thanks Don for your willingness to share your talents and treasures with all…..even the deplorable backward folks. 🙂

  9. Late comment, just catching up. TAC is a treasure, and I share it with those I respect and admire. All respondents are intelligent, articulate and truthful. I never skip the comments.

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