PopeWatch: Contraception

Well, this is unsurprising:

An Argentinian religious sister acclaimed for her work against the trafficking and exploitation of children has said Pope Francis told her responsible parenthood requires contraceptives in some cases.

This, despite the Church’s constant teaching that the use of artificial contraception is always intrinsically evil. 

In an interview on Tuesday with the Argentinian radio program Crónica Anunciada, Carmelite missionary sister Martha Pelloni said Pope Francis “told me three words” about the need for responsible parenthood among poor rural women: “condoms, transitory, and reversible.”

The radio interview covered poverty rates, drug trafficking and the decriminalization of abortion in Argentina.

Sr. Pelloni, who is opposed to abortion, said the Pope told her various forms of contraception could be permissible to prevent poor women from choosing abortion. She included condoms, “a diaphragm, and as a last resort, which is what we advise for rural women that we serve, because I have a foundation for the peasantry, tubal ligation.”

Go here to read the rest.  PopeWatch begins to suspect that either Pope Francis has a terrible problem with being misquoted, or he is simply a heretic.  Useless Cardinals, where art thou?


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  1. Since she claims he told her to go with short term measures, and she brags of doing tubals, possibly she isn’t the most trustworthy of sources? Kind of like the atheist reporter guy– there are definite, ah, possible conflicts of interest.

    It’s freaking depressing that he’s devil-may-care enough that folks can reasonably believe it, though. This is why scandal matters.

    *girds loins for a renewed attack from relatives to the tune of her or her husband getting sterilized*

  2. We will have a new Pope by the end of this year if not by the end of summer. In the secular world it will appear to have more to do with financial corruption than that of “wrong direction” or heresy, sadly. The question is how much “more” damage can this man do?

  3. I just cannot be nice about this. That Argentinian Marxist Peronist Caudillo is a heretic, period. I hope MoreNowThanEvery is correct, and he gets deposed, but just deposed; he must be anathematized to send the word to very liberal progressive in the Church that the days of their ascendancy are finished.

  4. A heretic or one who is misquoted?
    – a heretical misquote, or a misquote of heresy?
    Not sure, but what I am absolutely sure of is this Pope is “a fuzzy thinker”. And since fuzzy thinking can lead to either, it’s safe to say, it’s very likely a little of both.

  5. Taken, no doubt from his “breeding like rabbits” theology.
    Will the church ever fully recover from the damage of these 5 years?

  6. ‘Sr. Pelloni, who is opposed to abortion…’
    Wow. That’s good to know. What a Catholic hero.

    Check back after the next 5 years of Pope Francis though and maybe another paradigm shift will have changed that.

  7. Mr .Jorge Bergoglio was once a member, priest, bishop, cardinal and possible but doubtful pope of the Roman Catholic Church.
    He is no longer any of the above because he has, without any doubt ,publicly repudiated that churches core teaching on divorce in Amoris Laetitiae.
    His credibly reported repudiation of the doctrines on Hell and the immortality of the soul are also consistent with a person who denies the divinity of Christ.

  8. Mr. Jorge Bergoglio was once a member, priest and possible pope of the Roman Catholic Church.
    He has formally repudiated that churches teaching on divorce in Amoris Laetitiae and now credibly repudiated that churches teaching on Hell and human immortality.
    All that can be done now for the poor wretch is to offer the odd prayer for him.

  9. Not a doubt in my mind Pope Francis said everything this nun said he did. Pope Francis said women could use contraceptives to prevent catching Zika Virus while pregnant, then had his spokesman the next morning say, “Yes, pope said it; Pope meant it.” The NYTimes reported it. Catholic New York reported it. Catholic Theological Society of America later released statement obliquely contradicting the Pope by noting, “No, Catholics are not permitted to use contraceptives for any reason.” So, yes, obviously the Pope said this, especially that the list of supposedly acceptable contraceptives/sterlization techniques does NOT include abortiofacients, which, at least for now, would be a bridge too far. (Give it a couple of months for the Pope to leak his support for those, perhaps in the case of rape or incest…)

  10. Sublimating one’s will to the will of God will bring the joy of true parenthood, when and where and how. The rest is sexual abuse of oneself and one’s spouse. When the children mature, they will look down on papa and say:”Papa, people do not live this way.” and papa will say: “Yes.”
    What a tragedy that Pope Francis does not know or preach about sublimating the human will to God for the joy of life.

  11. “What a tragedy that Pope Francis does not know or preach about sublimating the human will to God for the joy of life.”

    Pope Francis thinks that God is as sentimental as he is, and that it’s God’s will that adulterers receive communion and all the rest of his nonsense.

  12. Contraceptives wouldn’t keep you from catching Zika, and I would really like to see a direct quote from his spokesman on contraception.

    The New York Times is slightly less reliable for reporting on Catholicism than The Guardian.

    Here’s the transcript from the Vatican website:
    Spanish journalist Paloma García Ovejero of COPE expressed concern over the Zika virus, which seems to be particularly dangerous for the unborn, such that some authorities have suggested abortion. She asked the Pontiff if the Church would consider it as a “lesser evil”.

    Abortion is not a “lesser evil”. It is a crime. It is wiping out one to save another. That is what the mafia does. It is a crime, it is absolutely evil. Regarding a “lesser evil”: preventing pregnancy is one thing — we are speaking in terms of the conflict between the 5th and 6th Commandments. The great Paul VI, in a difficult situation in Africa, allowed nuns to use a form of artificial contraception amid the violence. It is important not to confuse the evil of preventing pregnancy, in itself, with abortion. Abortion is not a theological issue: it is a human issue, it is a medical issue. One person is killed in order to save another — in the best case scenario — or in order to live comfortably. It is against the Hippocratic Oath that physicians take. It is an evil in and of itself. It is not a “religious” evil, to start with, no, it is a human evil. Evidently, as it is a human evil — like all killing — it is condemned. On the other hand, preventing pregnancy is not an absolute evil, and in certain cases, such as the one I mentioned of Bl. Paul VI, it was clear. Moreover, I would exhort the doctors to do everything possible to find vaccines against this disease which is carried by two mosquitos: this has to be elaborated. Thank you.

    Note: his history was wrong

  13. Thank you, Foxfier: All viruses pass through the material of condoms because the virus is 10,000 times smaller than the molecules of material. HIV, Herpes II and now Zika. Estrogen is polluting our ground water and our government does NOT know what to do about it. Estrogen has caused blood clots and strokes. And the Pope says it is OK?
    Climate change and overpopulation not OK

  14. We are learning that Bergoglio is both a heretic and a hippie.
    If it feels good do it, baby, because hell doesn’t exist.

  15. The New York Times is slightly less reliable for reporting on Catholicism than The Guardian.

    I agree with Foxfier’s caution despite how strong the temptation may be to be more Catholic than this Pope.

  16. I had the craziest dream last night. The pope said there is no hell, unlawfully married couples can go to Holy Communion, and…would you believe?…contraception is okay. I couldn’t wait to wake up…

  17. Mor NowThanEver et al, If you are correct, get ready around Fall 2020 . . .wait for it . . .St. Jorge Bergoglio! Hope his maid is saving his fingernails and hair. Worth real money on eBay. Guy McClung, Texas

    Note: I am making no implication he will be dead or deaded.Better the devil you know-his successor could well begin canonizing those still alive.

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