A Lack of Charity

In keeping with several people having noticed a seemingly active dislike of the loyal son, the Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa, has issued a statement about the recent violence on the Israeli/Gazan border:

We join with many around the world who were horrified at the killing of 18 Gazans near the militarized fence separating Gaza from Israel and the maiming and injuries of hundred of protesters by the Israeli Defence Force.

That this violence occurred on the holiest of days in both the Jewish and Christian faith communities calendar, adds to our outrage. From news reports it seems clear that the Gazans were involved in a peaceful protest, the March of Return which was organized to coincide with the Land Day on 30th March.

Land dispossession remains a key issue in the struggle of the Palestinian people. The situation in the Gaza strip remains desperate and is often referred to as the ‘world’s largest open air prison.’ It comes as little surprise that the people of this strip of land continue to express their political frustrations by means of non-violent protest. We support the call of the United Nations for a Commission of Inquiry into what has been called, ‘The Passover Massacre’ by some.

Our solidarity and prayers are with those who work tirelessly for justice and peace in the Holy Land.

+ Stephen Brislin
Catholic Archbishop of Cape Town

(from Vatican News)

This statement was put out on the 4th of April.

As of the 31st of March, 10 were known, violent terrorists; five more were being publicly proclaimed by Hamas as members of their military.  Notable is that one praised for his “skill at carving sand” to the international media was memorialized with a rocket launcher for local consumption.  (that’s him in the picture)

The “march” was a basic swarming tactic– send in a bunch of targets that Israel won’t want to shoot to give cover as terror cells go through the barriers.  Turns out Israel has pretty good snipers.

So now Hamas is planning a massive tire burn to give cover and make it more likely that the relatively innocent civilians doing the swarming are shot, so they don’t lose as many terrorists/militants.  Just imagine how much health damage those burning tires will do to the health of the kids being marched to the border, not to mention what it will do to the folks in Israel.

If Israel was a fifth as horrifically violent as accused, Gaza would be depopulated.  Yet as sure as day follows night, the official statements all attack the people who dare fight back when attacked.

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  1. Brevity is the soul of wit. These notorious German words give meaning to the South African propaganda, “Arbeit Macht Frei.” Or, “Shut up and let them murder you.”

    Reminds me of American leftists volunteering to shield Iraqis in the 2003 war.

  2. All the trouble in the world, and the Archbishop of Cape Town fancies we just have to hear his take on a contrived political event 4,600 miles distant from where he plants is episcopal derriere. And, of course, he says something obtuse, which we now expect from our waste-of-space bishops.

    This is the same Archdiocese in which Reginald Cawcutt was the auxilliary. He’s still listed on their website even though he was compelled by the Congregation of Bishops to resign in 2002.

    A prayer for the laity of Cape Town, and for any decent parish clergy therein.

  3. I would think the increasing violence in SA would be worthy of his attention–especially the threatened expropriation of land and genocidal commentary by some politicians representing the majority.

    But that’s not as easy as slagging the Jewish state, so there you go.

  4. This amoebae of a bishop is kidding himself…as they all are.
    His head will be on a pike soon enough.

  5. Dale- for a bit I was trying to figure out what violence was increasing in Saudi Arabia!
    The openly, homicidal approach to farmers and ranchers in South America who happen to be white has been going on as long as I can remember. 🙁 Reading about it in Range magazine triggered one of the few direct conversations about international politics that I can remember having at home. (My parents were very aware of the problem of knowledge that Art points to.)

  6. Does anyone actually listen to “Catholic” bishops like Stephen Brislin anymore when it comes to prudential matters? They have become like the proverbial tree falling in the forest. I’m not even sure they make a sound. At least, not one I hear. That thing Cool Uncle Bergoglio doesn’t believe in truly
    may be paved with the skulls of his ilk.

  7. FoS-
    Sadly, yeah, they do. Some will only use it as a hammer, but some people are going to be unjustly turned against Israel based on this…well, false witness.

    For those wondering, I don’t know if the news is covering it, but as best they can tell the tire fire did not work well enough to overwhelm the fences and get more murder-squads in. Even when they had little kids rolling tires into the fence.

  8. Art Deco wrote, “All the trouble in the world, and the Archbishop of Cape Town fancies we just have to hear his take on a contrived political event 4,600 miles distant…”

    As Robert Redeker suggests, since the end of the Cold War, Christian humanitarians have replaced “sovietophilia” with “islamophilia,” and that “Palestinians and the contemporary Muslim masses replace the proletariat in the intellectuals’ imagination” as the pure, ideal alternative to Western capitalism.

    This especially appeals to some Catholics, as Taguieff points out; it enables them to recycle recycles old stereotypes such as the rich Jew and the dominating Jew under the “varnish of progressivism.” The Jew is once more the stand-in for capitalism, imperialism, cosmopolitanism, indeed the whole economic order.

  9. PSA:
    There’s a comment in moderation, which is going to stay there because it is counter-factual nonsense that appears to have been triggered by someone daring to point out that Hamas attacked, and lost.

    Possibly it’s a simple, standard keyword-based-spam, but I’m not going to give what has to be culpable ignorance and hatred a platform, no matter what nasty accusations the author makes.

    Pretty sure everybody here got through middle school. Name-calling is just not that persuasive anymore. If someone wants to offer evidence or a counter-argument that at least suggests they noticed the big Hamas picture up at the top of the page, I’ll likely let it through. (Exception being that I agree with Donald’s rule about not enabling open, obvious jew-hate, and will abide by it.)

  10. No clue what you’re talking about, MPS. The Arab cause is embraced sporadically by people in denominational bureaucracies and like cesspools (such as the staff of the National Council of Churches). It was embraced by the American Friends Service Committee. These same annoying sorts have a nose for bad causes. Their wheel-spinning has almost no resonance on the ground. I’m fairly sure I’ve never heard a clergyman in meatworld mention Israel in my life.

    As for the Catholic press, you occasionally see Joo-stuff in The Remnant and Catholic Family News, but it isn’t particularly focused on Israel. The only Catholic opinion-monger in this country I’ve encountered with a particular loathing of Israel is a very obscure fellow named Daniel Nichols, and I’d attribute that to problems in his inner life.

  11. Look more at the folks who are Liberal First– they tend to be rather viciously anti-Israel, in the format of believing any wrong claimed against Israel, and supporting any wrong done to Israel in a sort of “well they shouldn’t have asked for it by being so terrible” manner.

    A lot of normal Catholics are mildly anti-Jewish in that they will hold Jewish groups to a Christian standard, while they will not hold Muslim or any other group to it– sometimes it is framed as holding them to an “European” standard, or “Western” standard. However you measure it, it’s more terrible when they shoot a guy wearing a bomb than when Hamas sends a retarded guy into a pizza joint wearing a bomb.

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