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  1. To appreciate this man and what he did for all of us-yes, even us here across the pond-watch Dunkirk and THE DARKEST HOUR as well as the first season of The Crown. Without him it is no exaggeration to wonder if we might not all be speaking German or Japanese.

    For another story about what this generation did for the whole world, even those today who would make telling this story, these truths a hate crime, google D-DAYS OLDEST SOLDIER and learn why Theodore Roosevelt Jr won the Congressional Medal Of Honor on Utah Beach, June 6, 1944 – the ONLY General Officer to actually land with his troops.

    God bless Winston Churchhill. Guy McClung, TExas

  2. About her domestic life, what you can say is that it’s Hollywood. Could be a lot worse. For someone of my vintage, she was notable as a ladies’ talk show host, at which she earned her keep for about 10 years (which encompassed her gross-me-out affair with Burt Reynolds). Not the most appealing of genres unless you’re in a certain market niche. What I recently realized is that she had an extraordinary voice.

  3. Atheism denies the immanent indwelling of the rational human soul and God the Endower of free will, intellect and sovereign personhood. The sovereign personhood of the citizen institutes the state. Therefore, Caesar belongs to God.
    When the sovereign personhood of the person institutes the state, his innate human rights endowed by “their Creator” become his civil rights guaranteed to be safeguarded by the Constitution, there in The Preamble: “…to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our (Constitutional ) Posterity. (capital in the original).
    Who decides who has sovereign personhood to be defended by the government, the state? Who decides who has no immanent indwelling of the rational immortal human soul? Who has the authentic authority to deny the immanent indwelling of the soul and the sovereign personhood endowed by “their Creator”? All men are created equal, not born equal; a self- evident truth.
    Atheism does not have the self-evident truth that all men are created equal and endowed by “their Creator” with certain unalienable human rights, that among these rights are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, Truth, man’s destiny.
    Atheism removes man’s transcendence and imposes an empty, inert quality on man, making of man a beast of burden to those who are equal people who have judged man to be a beast of burden to them, slavery by any other name is the denial of the sovereign personhood of the human being.
    Atheism is the devil in disguise. Atheism is the Great Liar.
    Open Thread, open head
    “Remember man thou art dust…”.

  4. “Without him it is no exaggeration to wonder if we might not all be speaking German or Japanese.”
    It is no wonder that when Sputnik went up grammar schools were all teaching Russian.
    The Lend-Lease program was shear genius. I have often wondered what Germany and Japan would have done to face off against one another. Hirohito was god and his soldiers willing died in kamikaze. Hitler not so much. John Basilone in the Pacific and Audie Murphy in Europe. incomprehensible patriotism.. May they rest in peace.
    It is said that in Raritan, New Jersey, John Basilone’s hometown, his spirit walks the second story of the library where his mementos are housed.
    I guess I will have to meet him in heaven.
    Audie Murphy, God rest his soul, for he suffered PTSS and never realized that the soldiers who embraced an evil ideology died through their own power of attorney , like every criminal. I am glad I am free.

  5. Basilone was the only enlisted Marine to receive both the Medal of Honor and the Navy Cross in World War II. This is the second United States Navy vessel to be named after Basilone. The first, USS Basilone (DD-824), was a Gearing-class destroyer commissioned in 1949 and decommissioned in 1977.
    The Audie L Murphy Veterans Hospital is in Texas. Makes me proud to be an American.
    To Penguins Fan. Danny Kaye was Polish.

  6. Three thoughts: Legalizing transgenderism is about forcing taxpayers to fund gender reassignment. Indoctrinating kindergarten children in the transgender unicorn and the transgenderbread person is tilling the soil for future American taxpayers of America to fund sex reassignment.
    Roe v. Wade legalizing abortion was about extorting tax payers’ money to pay for abortion across the board. Abortion and infanticide was done by some mid-wives. They were the wealthiest people in the county.
    Planned Parenthood has contempt for its victims. Planned Parenthood is in it for the dollars. So is the transgender moment.

    The murderer in homicide in the first degree is denied JUSTICE by the ban on capital punishment. Capital punishment is the temporal punishment for capital homicide. The death penalty is executed though the power of attorney of the condemned. The murderer’s citizenship in the state brings the murderer to JUSTICE.
    The New Natural Law theory, like Saint John Paul’s theory of human dignity of the person disregards the human dignity of the condemned murderer, whose sovereign personhood is entitled to JUSTICE.
    A truly repentant murderer of homicide in the first degree ought to expire with grief for his crime. A living murderer of homicide in the first degree is not at all sorry.
    A living murderer of homicide in the first degree abandons his human dignity, but not his JUSTICE and embraces the death penalty
    I will go wherever God sends me. I thought I was in hell with souls committing sodomy, homicide and cannibalism justifying it with dignity. The soul abandons human dignity with every sin. The dignity Anthony Kennedy deigned to assign to sodomites for so called same sex marriage without the marital act is the dignity of the state… heading for the abyss. “The rights the state gives the state can take away” Thomas Jefferson
    It wasn’t hell. It was Hollywood.

  7. The sovereign person institutes the government through his sovereign personhood. Sovereign personhood is endowed by “their Creator” along with free will and intellect, indwelling in the human being and is a gift from The Supreme Sovereign Being. Sovereign persons are created, in the image and likeness of “their Creator” equal to every man from creation, not birth.
    The newly begotten human being at fertilization is infused with a rational, immortal human soul with free will. The sovereign person at fertilization in an act of free will, freely wills to survive. If the person does not will to survive, he will become a miscarriage.
    Abortionists remove the human body. The abortionist cannot scrape the human soul from the womb. Once the human soul has left the body and death occurs; like angels and devils, through the will of God, the soul may be everywhere at the same time.
    60 million souls cry out for JUSTICE


    What Paul Gottfried had to say about an earlier generation of student protesters applies: they were children, behaving in ways normal for children. Their education had equipped them with excuses for childish behavior.

    Why do these things happen? Well, you have arrested development cases among the student body, they get positive feedback from faculty and administrators, they’re never penalized (any worse than the verbal reprimand he received here) and the lose no status among their peers for this.

    These are youngsters who got into frigging law school and they’re stupefyingly vulgar intellectually. They cannot tell the difference between an ordinary temporizing Republican and Pitchfork Ben Tillman. How do they manage to function in class?

  9. It was grossly amusing that the chief of security buggered out. Either they hire ticket-punchers or he’s been instructed he’s fired if anyone gets roughed up.

  10. “Yes, all 8 co-sponsors are sexual deviants. And, with scant doubt, witless narcissists. Remember, your legal franchise to talk back to them can be wiped out just as readily as conventional matrimonial law or the right of the unborn to live. Because reasons.”
    What did Donald McClarey do with the comment of the week award?

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