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And the fruits of the current Pontificate keep coming:


Pope Francis’ new apostolic exhortation Gaudete et Exsultate “blurs lines and causes confusion” about the gravity of abortion, the leader of a pro-life group that majorly influences U.S. politics said today.

Pope Francis wrote that migration shouldn’t be seen as a “secondary” or “lesser” issue to “‘grave’ bioethical questions” and that helping “victims” of “every form of rejection” is just as important as defending the pre-born.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B. Anthony (SBA) List, said it’s “impossible” to give any other social justice issue the same moral weight as abortion. SBA List and its partner super PAC, Women Speak Out, spent more than $18 million in the 2016 election cycle. The group focuses on electing pro-life candidates, especially pro-life women.

“It is impossible to equate the moral weight of abortion – the direct killing of innocent unborn children occurring on a daily massive scale, here in America and abroad – with any other social justice issue,” said Dannenfelser. “The right to live predates or precludes every other right. It is simple logic. Without the fundamental right to life, no debate can even begin on the rights that follow.”

“The Catholic Church has long taught that abortion is an intrinsic evil that must always be opposed,” she continued. “Today’s statement by Pope Francis confirms this when he says ‘Our defence of the innocent unborn, for example, needs to be clear, firm and passionate, for at stake is the dignity of a human life, which is always sacred and demands love for each person, regardless of his or her stage of development.’ We all affirm the absolute dignity of the migrants and those suffering from poverty. How we solve these issues are matters of prudential judgment on which Catholics can disagree. Today’s exhortation blurs lines and causes confusion.”


Go here to read the rest.  One of the keys to understanding this Pontificate is to pay zero attention to what the Pope says and to focus on what he does.  The Pope regularly verbally condemns abortion, but his actions are completely the reverse.  From kneecapping the Pontical Academy for Life, to celebrating pro-abort politicians and giving papal awards to them to having pro-aborts speak at papal conferences, the Pope has routinely given the impression that he could care less about the fight against abortion.  For the ordinary Catholic pro-lifer the best they can hope from this Vatican is malign indifference.

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  1. The murder of 3000 immigrants per day at the border would hardly be called a “social justice” issue, then why is the murder of 3000 unborn children per day referred by some as a “social justice” issue?
    Answer: because the value of unborn human life is not the same to some.

  2. No analogy is perfect, but imaging an opposite type of scenario can bring some clarity….
    Say politician A wants laws to limit children from being born in the U.S above a certain quota. Politician B wants laws that would make illegal immigrants non-persons so they can be legally killed.
    Is not one issue “greater” and one “lesser”?

  3. One would have to conduct extensive research to identify a greater coward in the face of sin than this who is occupying the Chair of Peter today.

  4. Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.
    You would appreciate one of Ben’s works, Faith and Reason.
    Great tool for evangelist endeavors.

    That IS so beautiful. Well said.

  5. So, in effect, what the pope is saying is that Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden even Ted Kennedy et al are just a good Catholics as Fr. Pavone.

  6. One point of clarity I should have added to my analogy above:
    Politician A would want to limit children from being born…using non-lethal methods, like punishing parents who have more than 2 children for example.

  7. LQC, my experience with Navy nuclear engineers is that while they may be super smart in matters of complex engineering, they are as dumb as doorknobs when it comes to matters of common sense. They don’t seem to understand something as simple as if you hear steam screaming through the riser hoses providing steam to the ship, you probably have a valve open onboard that shouldn’t be.

  8. “Some levels of stupid can only be reached with a very high IQ.“
    or after spending a lot of money for an elite education. – as Newt would say “you have to be very well educated to be that stupid”

  9. Eh, I’d say those two groups overlap, but aren’t identical. The high IQ type mistakes do tend to be over-educated, but that adds an additional Tony Stark dimension where they start to conflate intelligence with knowledge and wisdom, in part because they’ve seen all the incredibly smart teachers that couldn’t manage to come up with as good of ideas as they did as a young child.

    (Have I lately sang praises of my family letting me know that intelligence wasn’t everything, largely by ‘questioning everything, hold to that which is good and true’?)

  10. Bergoglio’s comments are similar to Saul Alinsky’s disciple
    Bernardin., who advocated the seamless garment nonsense.

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