And the Horses the Progressives Rode in On

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  1. Another trick of the progressive is to confound respect for persons with respect for their ideas or behavior. I cannot accept the “normality” of homosexuality, but I have worked side by side with gay men and women for decades, and some I regarded as respected colleagues (and to one i owe a job opportunity). For either party to have brought the issue up in the workplace was absurd, and it never happened. Like old-fashioned liberals we tolerated each others’ views. That won’t do for progressives: now the “other” (the progressively-favored other, that is) must not only be accepted as a person, but “affirmed” in the rightness (righteousness?) of his lifestyle or political views. That is not only irrational, it is anti-rational, and poisonous for liberty indeed.

  2. @Tom Byrne — We are told to love our neighbors as ourselves. Only a madman sees himself as the ideal standard, though; we cannot approve of everything we do ourselves. Why then should we be expected to approve of everything done by our neighbor?

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