Dictator Pope

One of the iron rules of life is that if Leftists are placed in charge of any institution, the idea of respectful disagreement is taken out and shot.  Case in point from Father Z:


Did you read the Catholic Herald story?   It seems that the Sovereign Military Merciless Order of Malta (SMOM) has commanded its members not to say or write anything “offensive” about Pope Francis.

Also, and this is a little creepy, members are instructed to grass on, rat out, any member who does say or write something “offensive” about the Pope.

It isn’t entirely clear what might constitute “offensive”.   But then again, during the Cultural Revolution in China it wasn’t entirely clear what was “offensive” about Mao.

I don’t remember them doing this about John Paul II or Benedict XVI.  Then again, they were under different ownership at the time, weren’t they.

Is saying something like, “The Pope made a mistake about how he handled the situation of the Chilean bishop” offensive?

Is saying something like, “I think the Pope should wear the traditional papal vestments for the Urbi et Orbi blessing” offensive?

Is saying something like, “What the Pope said about women being ‘strawberries on the cake’ was offensive to women!”, offensive?

Do you suppose this is retroactive?   Are Knights of SMOM suppose to tattle on anyone who wrote something “offensive” about Benedict XVI?


Go here to read the rest.  Always remember Iowahawk’s accurate description of the mode of operation of the Left:

1. Target a respected institution 2. Kill & clean it 3. Wear it as a skin suit, while demanding respect





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  1. How “sovereign” are you when you order your people to not say unspecified bad stuff about another head of state?

  2. “Finally! My time has come!” -Mark Shea

    (ok not really, but c’mon, it would be a job perfect for him)

  3. It took decades for the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to inform Messrs. Kung, Schillibeeckx, and Curran that they were debarred from presenting themselves as ‘Catholic theologians’. One of these three was immediately hired by Southern Methodist upon termination by Catholic University and the other two continued to be employed where they’d been. Bp. Clark never summoned Curran to return to Rochester and he aged out of active service before Bp. Clark retired.

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