Lost in Space

Something for the weekend.  Theme songs from Lost in Space.  As a kid I loved the show, even though even at the age of eight I realized the show was science fantasy rather than science fiction.  The 1998 Lost in Space movie left me cold as it was too dark for my tastes and did not fit the lighter tone of most of the episodes of what was often an especially silly show.




A new Netflix take on the show debuted yesterday.  The episodes I have thus far watched aren’t bad.




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  1. I remember that show. It was a favorite of mine, too. Reruns over the years. I particularly liked Dr. Smith.

  2. Speaking of outer space Art Bell of Coast to Coast late night radio died on Friday, 13th. Many of the guests were scientists or pilots who had seen something. Some callers were just wierd. Very entertaining to relieve the boredom of long distance trips in years past.

  3. While I prefer George over Art*, Art got it going— hopefully it was a peaceful passing.

    * George Noory has the trick of almost never being verbally ruffled or even resistant to anything someone says, even when it’s a huge insult to him directly, along with a really great voice.

  4. My take on the new Netflix series is not so good.

    I’ve only watched the first episode, but I don’t think I’ll let my kids watch it. It portrays the kind of violence that disturbs kids the most: the infighting between the parents, who were about to get a divorce. On top of that, it contains too many old and tired modern tropes: the father is portrayed as basically dumb and is patronized by everybody; the children talk to him without respect, disobey him constantly and are smarter and better educated than he is; the star of the movie (the most independent and resourceful) seems to be one of the daughters, who, for some reason, is black.

    (Minor spoiler alert) Apart from all that, the plot tends to be a bit silly from time to time (for example, a huge robot with four arms and superpowers needs the 7 year old boy to cut a branch in order to be able to climb down from a tree and save itself) and threatens the suspension of disbelief.

  5. Ouch, yeah, going to avoid that.

    Our kids don’t even realize that mom and dad splitting is a theoretical possibility– and the way that TV shows show it, by yelling, would freaking terrify them because…Italian and Irish. Yelling and waving hands is how we talk.

  6. Nothing this modern up to date world touches comes out better. Every time they remake something they destroy it with their garbage. I loved the show growing up, I wouldn’t bother giving the reboot a second thought, but of course I could predict much of it. Doesn’t speak well for the current time though, I mean, would anyone actually prefer not to live, to grow up in the Robinson family of the original 1960’s version or that of the movie, or that of the new series?

  7. Watched a few episodes of the Netflix reboot as well. Meh. Sure, the effects are better, but next to no charm. SPOILER:

    The new Dr. Smith rather than the lovable sophisticate coward is some female sociopath. Did not care for that. Definitely not the fun adventure of the 60’s version, more of a dystopia meets political correctness. At least in episode 2, the “wife” begrudgingly admits she may have been wrong in not approving her “husband’s” course of action based on his military training, but no worries, brave middle daughter saved the day! I suppose that’s progress. And what 11 year old boy did not have a total crush on the eldest Robinson daughter of the 60’s version?

  8. are smarter and better educated than he is

    I am growing so tired of the child genius trope making a comeback. I mean I lived through Wesley once already! Especially nowadays as it reaches near insanity (it was the worse part of Pacific Rim 2 by far).

    But I won’t clog Don’s combox up with a rant unless some of y’all demand it. 😉

  9. “And what 11 year old boy did not have a total crush on the eldest Robinson daughter of the 60’s version?”

    I actually thought that Penny Robinson was the cutest, but at the time I had not gone through puberty.

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