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  1. Melville, Bartleby the Scrivener, “I would prefer not to.”

    However, here goes: “They were never going to let me be president.” Corrupt, incompetent Hillary Clinton 2018.

  2. Slaughtering the newly begotten human beings in the womb denies to them their freedom of religion, that is, to relate to “their Creator” in thought, word and deed; peaceable assembly which they are doing.
    The baby’s heart beats at 18 days, so the baby loves God in his innocence more perfectly than anyone of us. The baby’s brain waves are measured at about 40 days (those waves may be there from conception but may be unable to be detected). The baby’s body grows according to the Divine Image in his immortal soul.
    The perfect moral and legal innocence of his sovereign personhood endowed by “their Creator” is the standard of Justice for the state.
    The child must will to survive or he will become a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage. This act of his will to survive is proof of his rational, immortal human soul, his free will, his intellect and his sovereign personhood.
    In assisted suicide and euthanasia, the individual person, conscious or unconscious, wills to survive. He wills to live or he will become a corpse when he loses his will to live and his soul leaves his body. With the soul leaving the body, usually when the body begins to decay around two days after consciousness; when the soul can no longer abide in the body, this is the Catholic definition of death.
    These innate, unalienable human rights are endowed by an infinite Creator. Finite rights are endowed by a finite government or state. “The rights the state gives, the state can take away.” Thomas Jefferson.
    Capital punishment, the temporal punishment for homicide in the first degree, is executed through the power of attorney of the condemned. The condemned meets his virtue of Justice on the gallows. Through the condemned’s citizenship, the condemned brings himself to Justice. As a final gesture of good will for the common good, the condemned expires as he ought to have in grief for homicide in the first degree.
    The executioner acting through the power of attorney of the condemned brings security and deterrence to the people who are in double jeopardy of life. First jeopardy occurred with the first homicide. (See: Robert Pruitt on death row for homicide and killing his prison guard…double jeopardy of life for the common people. That murder is on the enablers)
    The issue of life from conception to natural death is in the hands of man, put there by the Creator, the God of Life, and enabled by the personification of Divine Justice, perfect Justice, endowed by “their Creator”.
    All judges called “Justice” are the personification of God’s perfect Justice. Man’s Justice without God is corrupt, as man is finite. There is no such thing as finite Justice. Mary De Voe

  3. “Deep seated religious beliefs must be changed to accommodate women’s healthcare” Hillary Clinton
    ““They were never going to let me be president.” Corrupt, incompetent Hillary Clinton 2018.”
    Hillary voted for herself and discovered that she could not be elected president by her vote.
    “Deep seated religious beliefs must be changed”… and by whom?
    All citizens are the constituents of the president. Taxation without representation is a tyranny that comes from a president with his phone and his pen without the will and voice of the people in Congress.

  4. “First it’s goat yoga..now it’s Papal Tai chi. (?)
    What’s next? Sorry I asked.”
    My children are still enjoying (laughing at) goat yoga. Seriously, it will take some time to wrap our minds around goat yoga, first, then Papal Tai chi., then religious kung fu

  5. “Deep seated religious beliefs must be changed to accommodate women’s healthcare” Hillary Clinton

    Woman’s healthcare and abortion on demand is anything Except healthcare for women. The healthcare for women and the taking of human life by any means available is deathcare. Please. From now on let’s call abortion and women’s healthcare what it truly is. Women’s deathcare. At least that way I could believe them. Catch phrase for PP is; Care. No matter what.
    Amazing. And their camp has the gall to call us Nazis.

    Saturday the 28th is Defund Planned Parenthood day.
    Prayer teams will be at the death camps with rosaries in hand.
    If you could, please consider joining us.
    It’s Care and Life…No Matter What!

  6. God bless all of us…the abortionists, the fearing of motherhood and fatherhood, the misdirected, the supporters of death…and me too. A sinner.

    God help all of us.

    We all need HIS Mercy.

  7. Blessings from God in the form of help to convert.

    I know He doesn’t bless sin, or acts there of. But may He help all of us.
    Help us to change our hearts.

  8. Jesus Christ is The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, the Son of God, The Supreme Sovereign Being, “I AM WHO I AM”. This is WHO Jesus Christ is. Jesus Christ is one of three sovereign Persons.
    In the hypostatic union Jesus Christ is God and man, true God and true man. Before time Jesus Christ is true man. Before all ages Jesus Christ is true man.
    As Jesus Christ redeems all creation and presents all creation to His Father in heaven, His mother Mary presents all things to her Son, Jesus Christ, WHO presents all things to His Father in heaven. Mary will not allow, nor accept worship. Mary will only allow and accept hyper-dulia. Mary changes our misbegotten worship into hyper-dulia and presents it to Jesus WHO presents it to His Father in heaven…and in the Lord’s Prayer… “and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”
    Jesus Christ is the Revelation of God. This is WHAT Jesus Christ wills for Himself. Jesus Christ’s infinite personality is the Revelation of God.
    Man is created in sovereign personhood, in the image and likeness of God. This is WHO man is.
    In free will man chooses his personality. This is WHAT man is.

  9. Man indeed chooses his personality by his actions or inactions.
    God changes hearts.
    Prayers help prepare hearts for change.

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