Quotes Suitable for Framing: Unknown Andorian

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  1. Don: Great short film. It really drew me in; a delightful 21:09. And I became curious about why you included it this weekend – perhaps we, too, are getting pushed really hard to a point of desperate but creative resistance…

  2. To Bob S’s point, the Seleucid King (well, actually that apostate Jew who tried to ingratiate himself with the Seleucid King by offering a pagan sacrifice) pushed Mattathias and his fellow Jews zealous for the Law to the thin ice. The Seleucids never did quite recover from that, for the Maccabean brothers (the sons of Mattathias) became quite adept at fighting on thin ice.

    There’s more in 1st Maccabees, one of my favorite books in the Bible.

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