Our Obscene Age

In regard to President Trump, as faithful readers of this blog know, when he ran in 2016 I long refused to support him.  It was only in September of 2016 that I reluctantly supported him after his pledge to pro-life organizations to be a pro-life President.  I have generally been, much to my surprise, pleased with his performance as President.  However, there remains much to legitimately criticize about him:  including that he has been a serial adulterer, a complete pig around women in general, and that he is rude and crude.  These are factors that his critics often cite, usually the same people who supported Hillary Clinton, who has spent much of her life protecting her husband Bill from well founded allegations of sexual assault, up to, and including, rape, and who carried on an affair with an intern in the Oval Office.  In his personal behavior, sadly, President Trump is reflective of our obscene age.  Evidence of this was on full display at the White House Correspondents’ dinner last night, a function which President Trump wisely, breaking with tradition, does not attend.  At that dinner a featured speaker was “comedienne” Michelle Wolf of The Daily Show.  Go here to read about her “performance”.  Strong, strong language advisory as to the video below:


The next time we have people clutching their pearls about some crudity of the President, recall the above video of congealed partisan hate, vulgarity and obscenity.  If they are the same people who would have loved the above video, hypocrisy is the least of the charges that can be laid at their doors.

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  1. The Washington Post has excerpts of this disgusting monologue breathlessly posted on their web site with captions such as “Michelle Wolf eviscerates Sarah Huckabee Sanders”, just below their slogan “Democracy dies in Darkness”.

    Yeah…. you got that right.

  2. Hypocrisy is a sacrament among the diabolically disposed left. Guilt and shame they know not, which is precisely why logic and reasoned debate is as effective as tossing marshmallows at an enemy in a nuclear war.

  3. In the 2016 election, my boys said Trump is the president the FB generation deserves. They were talking of their own generation in that case. Meaning that they saw so many of their peers join in condemning Trump’s vulgarities when they were every bit as bad. Of course they also saw that it wasn’t just their peers. They said all the outrage over Trump’s behavior was like a nation of football fans condemning rugby for being a violent sport.

  4. Part of B16’s Dictatorship of Relativism I think. If you have your truth and I have mind there is no point in reasoned argument, so we shout, spin, insult (one-upsmanship) and play a game I call “point-counter point”. If you have children you have played this game.

  5. What Glenn Reynolds said: If they didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

    and who carried on an affair with an intern in the Oval Office.

    That he spoke to Yasir Arafat over the phone while being fellated by Monica seems oddly appropriate. His dealings with Monica (sworn to secrecy, she only told 11 people) were what ended up in front of a grand jury. We now have a credible account from a retired Secret Service agent that he got a fast-two-oh from Eleanor Mondale, among an indeterminate number of others.

  6. Everything the swine said last night validates everything President Trump says about them.

    It all makes sense when you realize that colleges and media are oases of authoritarianism in a vast desert of freedom.

  7. The unpleasant–let’s call it shocking–display by this “comedienne” (what’s comic about sinking into a mire of vulgarity?) is a sadness of our times. I have two daughters who F-bomb more than I think they should(but, not in our house); I go to a men’s 12-step group meeting and the F-bombs (from older guys also) permeate the conversation like an air freshener. I’d like to have a time machine and go back 60 or 70 years when conventions required for civilized behavior were observed.
    There’s an anecdote (can’t recall where I read it) about British soldiers in North Africa during World War II. Their speech was replete with F-bombs, F-ing as an adjective, but when they wanted to emphasize something, they’d leave the noun unadorned, no F-bomb.
    So, if liberal comedians and TV personalities want to do speech that makes an impact, maybe they should do it without profanity.

  8. f you have your truth and I have min[e] there is no point in reasoned argument, so we shout, spin, insult (one-upsmanship) and play a game I call “point-counter point”. If you have children you have played this game.

    Until we grow weary of playing children’s games and decide to play killing games instead.

  9. You can’t reason with a leftist because they do not understand reason nor care for it. They only care for power, however obtained.

  10. This is what happens when we as a society eliminate sin from our dictionary. There are no guidelines left to determine decency and legitimacy.

    which means sin is allowed to freely move around unchecked and unconcerned. And the wages of sin are death. And if our society is not concerned with death

    then you are witnessing the result and harvest. We are reaping what we sow. There is hope. Where sin abounds grace abounds more. Eventually the evil one will desire to

    harvest what is his and God will re-plant a new crop of those who are willing to live and learn. The ones who lived and did not learn did not live. They died. What did they expect?

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