PopeWatch: Twitter Magisterium

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Yesterday the Pope tweeted this gem:


Do we really want peace? Then let’s ban all weapons so we don’t have to live in fear of war.


PopeWatch will take the Pope seriously on this:

  1.  Weapons are not the causes of wars but rather the means by which they are carried out.
  2.  What about the admonition of Christ to his Disciples to buy swords?
  3.  How would cops enforce the law against armed criminals?
  4.  Presumably the Pope will now disarm the Swiss Guard.
  5.  Would this include knives?
  6.  Wouldn’t banning all weapons put physically weaker individuals at a grave disadvantage?
  7.  How would the ban be implemented?
  8.  Why didn’t Christ call for such a ban?
  9. Will the Pope next call for banning free will, since PopeWatch assumes that is the only way to avoid any wars in the future?
  10.  Remember when we used to elect only grownups as Popes?


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  1. I truly despise this Pope. He needs to go back to Argentina where he came from and shut the heck up. I am sick and tired of seeing and hearing about the worthless, useless and even heretical refuse that flows from that mouth of his. God, please depose that man and return him to his countrymen.

  2. “Popewatch will take the Pope seriously on this:”

    Taking this Pope seriously on anything is the Mother of all Acts of Futility.

  3. With the sword of St Michael, the sword of Our Lady, the sword of our Lord’s Cross…
    hmmm, should we ban these weapons to live in peace?

  4. I hate that song. It is the worst song I have ever heard, a wretched pile of pig excrement that permeates the atmosphere and is carried around the world by Arctic-force jet streams.

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