The Truth Tends to Be Offensive

Jordan Peterson and Bill Maher discuss the fact that debating important ideas always involves offense, or the potential of offense.  Language advisory as to the below video.  One of the more pernicious taboos of our time is that ideas should be suppressed due to their offensive nature to some.  Politeness is important but it pales in comparison to freedom of speech.  Of course social justice warriors have mastered the art of the cry-bullying:  suppressing other viewpoints over alleged offense, while being immensely offensive.  Time, past time, to end this congealed nonsense.





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  1. This reality (truth offends) has been so since before they crucified Our Lord for trying to “set them free.”
    Getting the crowd to demand they free Barabbas merely politicized truth’s two-edged sword.

  2. I’d quibble that truth doesn’t tend to be offensive, but any truth you’ve got to point out is likely to offend– because someone had to have it pointed out.

    Especially offensive is pointing out that if them being offended by something being brought up justifies instant silence, then they shouldn’t bring up anything that they are aware is likely to offend others, either.

  3. “Jordan Peterson and Bill Maher discuss the fact that debating important ideas always involves offense, or the potential of offense.”
    The “risk of offending” is a world of difference away from the “intent to offend” people. The “risk” to offend is an innocent expedition into learning and must be understood as an innocent “risk”. The intent to offend is hatred, meanness, cruelty, evil and one of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals…one of the capital sins.
    What is happening the world over is that the innocent intent, the “risk” to offend is being pursued in a court of law and legislated as a hate crime, while the real crime of “intent” to offend and hate is being obliterated…and ignored in a court of law.

  4. “They do not adequately compensate Dr. Peterson to interact with jerks like Bill Maher.”
    When the university pulled its financial support for one of Dr. Peterson talks, Dr. Peterson voluntarily gave the talk free of charge, paying for his own transportation out of his own pocket…a true patriot, a man of grace. Dr. Peterson’s magnificent command of the language is truly wonderful to hear. I have learned and added many new words and meanings to my own vocabulary. One that tickles me often is “the consequence of eating.” God bless Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and The American Catholic. Prayers often.

  5. I agree with him that the education establishment is to blame, but I just can’t let the parents off. Based on what I have seen (now that I have one son at a rather pricey “Christian” college) is that the children (sorry, they may be 18, but no way can they be considered adults. And that is sad) are spoiled and “entitled.” They arrived this way; it isn’t something the professors taught them.

  6. *Sad*

    An awful lot of parents gave their trust to those who proved not to deserve it.

    That is true both in the normal school system, and in our religious education system.

  7. “Let me re-phrase: the education establishment is partly to blame.” We have three generations of indoctrinated parents without the know how to raise their own children.
    Let me add that Justice is predicated on intent. Justice is not predicated on the risk to learn. The opposite is true. Without the risk to offend, the people might end up worse than ever, beginning with the fear of incarceration and ending with pure and simple ignorance.

  8. Recently, Stuart Card wrote that by encouraging “subjective emoting over objective thinking,” colleges render clients unsuited for the real world.

    And beside, the left hates the truth like the Devil hates holy water.

  9. If there were no God, there would be no First Amendment to protect freedom of speech, press and peaceable assembly with God. Religion is man’s relationship with “their Creator”, his Maker, in worship in thought, word, deed and peaceable assembly. “Where there are two or three gathered together in my Name, there I am in the midst of them.” Without God there can be no truth, no freedom, no human relationships.
    Freedom of speech is predicated on the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. All the rest is perjury in a court of law.

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