New Information on Alfie’s Death

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“Before he died, while Tom was away for a moment, leaving Kate [Alfie’s mother] half-asleep and another family member in the room, a nurse entered and explained that she would give the child four drugs (no-one knows which) to treat him,” Frigerio wrote.

She continued: “After about 30 minutes the [oxygen] saturation had fallen to 15. After two hours Alfie was dead.”

The  Nuova Bussola reporter, who was material in setting up an appointment between Tom Evans and Pope Francis, observed that she could not be sure that Alfie’s life ended only because he was removed from life-support.

Full story here, multiple sources.

Also mentioned is that shortly before the shots, Alfie’s system had recovered enough that they were expecting to be allowed to take him home, as the hospital had promised.

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  1. Don’t be ridiculous, Foxfier, Alfie died of natural causes! Why, Mark Shea told us so just yesterday:

    Sarcasm aside, I’ve been really disappointed at Mark’s reaction to this case. I knew he’d jumped the shark a long time ago, but I expected that even he would baulk at defending the state-mandated kidnapping and murder of an infant. Apparently not, though.

  2. Autopsy would give a clear answer as to what exactly the method of murder was used….but of course, no crime was committed here.

    This story is sickening. Trying to imagine the brokenhearted feelings of the parents… it’s so upsetting.
    Alfie’s testimony will be damning for all who procured his death. Justice will be served in the final Court.

  3. “I knew he’d jumped the shark a long time ago”

    Mark and the Shark are now skipping happily through Leftist La La Land, arm in fin. Shea’s rants about conservatives and pro-lifers bear the same relationship to reality as did the Völkischer Beobachter’s fulminations against Jews. Mark is a sad example now of the very dark place where blind rage can lead someone.

  4. Thank you, Foxfier, for posting new developments. Who has Alfie’s remains? Autopsy needs to be done pronto. Or will the hospital announce a “mistake”and his remains were cremated. Ader Hey’s actions from the get go give credence to the latest suppositions. I believe these are facts.

  5. Foxfier-Many thanks.
    Cam: Ya think they didn’t sell any parts?
    God bless Alfie’s parents – they will hug him again in heaven.

    Guy McClung, Texas TBFC

  6. Our current youngest, the Chief, turned a year old in January.

    He’s obviously in better shape than Alfie was since he didn’t spend most of that time in a hospital bed…I simply can’t grasp how on earth people can DO that to a kid. Start out by going the easy route of sedating him and using a feeding when he first came in? Sliding down from there?

    I just don’t get it.

    Given the multiple shots, guess I didn’t call it on using the air-bubble-in-the-veins trick.

  7. Foxfier, these are evil people, amoral, with a tremendous amount of ego. They know best. Otherwise why not let Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans travel with their parents to Italy or the US? The money had been raised to pay for the travel, and treatments. Why not? Because if the treatments had even a smidgen of success, it would reflect poorly on the hospitals and staff and British socialized medicine across the board. The peasants would realize the “care” they and their loved ones receive is sub par.

  8. One would think we need to do an autopsy of Alfie just to study his illness and figure out if any treatments can be developed for future victims.

  9. Apparently his father read what is being called the hostage statement in order to get more life support treatment for his son. Even if the hospital didn’t actively murder Alfie, they did their best to passively murder Alfie, and acted with exquisite cruelty to the poor parents. I have represented terrible people in criminal cases, but few of them were not morally superior to the fiends at this children’s hospital, and the ghouls on the internet cheering them on.

  10. ” I have represented terrible people in criminal cases, but few of them were not morally superior to the fiends at this children’s hospital, and the ghouls on the internet cheering them on.”

  11. Events like Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans are painful for me to read. The British NHS takes after the Nazi treatment of disabled people.

  12. Something not right from the get-go. The hospital preyed on young parents from a low social-economic area, and demonised their supporters. I still wander what was the hospitals ulterior motive because they had one. I bet now that the hospital will say THEY will over see the autopsy, if they even let them conduct an autopsy..
    We’ve had our fair share of bad doctors. Unfortunately the god-complex is very real and alive in the medical profession.

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