Jordan Peterson: Political Correctness Debate

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In a time when much of the Left seems dedicated to shouting down or ignoring most conservatives, Jordan Peterson gets different treatment.  Due to his huge internet following among the young, Peterson is viewed as a threat.  Along with their usual tactics of shout down and demonize, Leftists also attempt to debate Peterson which is for them a mistake.  He is a clear thinker and speaker and in our debased times those are increasingly rare commodities, and allows him to take apart his adversaries in face to face settings.  I appreciate Peterson’s zest for verbal combat and the cut and thrust of a true clash of ideas.  Peterson is beginning to receive some criticism from conservative sources, some manifestly jealous of his success.  Myself, I have always accepted allies in a fight even if we may not agree on all issues.  Peterson calls to mind this statement of Lincoln in reference to criticism of General Grant after the battle of Shiloh as related by Pennsylvania Republican politician Alexander McClure:

“I appealed to Lincoln for his own sake to remove Grant at once, and, in giving my reasons for it, I simply voiced the admittedly overwhelming protest from the loyal people of the land against Grant’s continuance in command. I could form no judgment during the conversation as to what effect my arguments had upon him beyond the fact that he was greatly distressed at this new complication. When I had said everything that could be said from my standpoint, we lapsed into silence. Lincoln remained silent for what seemed a very long time. He then gathered himself up in his chair and said in a tone of earnestness that I shall never forget: ‘I can’t spare this man; he fights.’





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  1. The reason Jordan B. Peterson has clear speech is because Dr. Peterson disciplines himself to listen. I enjoy Dr. Peterson listening bravely to whatever is thrown at him, good, bad and indifferent; a warrior of words. I also very much appreciate his marriage to one woman for life. Any man who abandons his wife and children searching for perfection will not find perfection, only chaos, disillusionment and distrust, since he has not kept his vow.

  2. I love it when the left gets a its collective bloomers in a bunch.

    Dr. Peterson is defecating in the left’s cultural kitty-litter box and reopening debates the left thought it had won.

    Re: the Boy Scouts – I was a scout and an adult leader for my three sons’ troop. There are salaried scout professionals and volunteers. At one point, the pros wanted to sell a wonderful scout camp in rural upstate NY, but the volunteers shots it down. They sold a suburban property instead. It seemed a no-brainer to us Dads. I imagine the salaried pros caved on allowing girls to join the Boy Scouts. They had to destroy the Boy Scouts to save the Boy Scouts.

  3. The boy scouts are effectively dead. It was a good run 100+ years. Time to move on… I bought a “Trail Life” hat on-line last week; a little advertising can’t hurt.
    If you have young sons and there is not a Trail Life troop in your area, talk to you Pastor and start one. Here’s a link.

  4. The racist mongers refused to allow that our Declaration of Independence set the sovereign person free. Slavery fell. The Civil War and the Civil Rights Act implemented out Declaration. To be accused of racism by a racist. Isn’t that special?

  5. Kind of like Trump and Milo– dude’s done some good stuff, I refuse to let them drag me off to unrelated stuff, especially when it seems to only be to let them control the conversation.

  6. It does not matter one twit that George Washington or Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, whom they treated with grace. It matters that when our Founding Fathers wrote our Founding Principles our Founding Principles were ratified by every state and every other state as they became part of our great nation of America founded by the sovereign personhood of every citizen. Our Founding Principles are “self-evident truths”, eternal truths that cannot be eradicated, rearranged or subjugated to political correctness no more than the sovereign persons who committed these self-evident truths to paper. These self-evident truths are endowed by an infinite God and are therefore unalienable, innate truths that become our civil rights when cast into the political realm by government of the people, by the people and for the people.
    Our Constitution is written for the individual sovereign person who institutes our government who is one of the people. “We, the people” are every person of our ancestors, our present generation and all future generations, our constitutional Posterity. This generation is the constitutional Posterity of George Washington, the Father of our Country. All future generations are the constitutional Posterity of George Washington.
    These are self-evident truths have been eradicated by Dredd Scott, the sovereign person, Roe v, Wade, abortion obliterating DNA science, Engel v. Vitale, prayer ban denying man’s conscientious relationship with “their Creator”, Obergefell v. Hodges, marriage without the marital act.
    We, the people have a living and truthful Constitution. Let us celebrate our freedom and our “self-evident truths”

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