Ireland Embraces Abortion

By about a two to one margin the former land of saints and scholars has decided to legalize the child murder that goes by the name of abortion.  I am saddened but not surprised.  The result mirrors the outcome of the gay  marriage referendum in 2015, and all the secular power centers in Ireland supported this result.

The idea that Catholic Ireland did this will be mourned by pro-lifers and celebrated by pro-aborts, and both will badly miss the point.  Catholic Ireland, which now consists of about a third of the voting population, did not do this.  What this vote symbolizes is that a majority of the Irish firmly embrace the Leftist cult that is a new, and aggressive, religion in all but name.  Most cults have what Catholics call sacraments, and for the Leftist cult abortion is the highest sacrament, with unborn children serving as human sacrifices.

Ireland, by American standards, has been politically left wing for a very long time, before Ronald Reagan was elected President.  However, the Faith still mattered to the majority of the Irish, even to many on the political left, and thus in 1983 the Eighth Amendment banning abortion was added to the Irish constitution by a two to one margin.  A generation and a half later such vestigial attachment to Catholicism has disappeared among two thirds of the population and Ireland joins the rest of almost all of Europe in going to war against their unwanted progeny.

The lesson for Catholics is that nations like Ireland can no longer be considered in any meaningful sense Catholic or even loosely Christian.  They are nations controlled by a hostile competing faith and should be treated as being mission territory.    Of course Pope Francis, whose silence on the referendum was deafening, will say nothing like this when he visits Ireland in August.  I doubt he will say anything about the referendum, and he will pretend that the Church in Ireland is not what it is:  a crushed reed and an extinguished candle.

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  1. A commenter elsewhere said the Catholic Church has become impotent at preaching the Gospel. Certainly there are exceptions at the parish and even the episcopal level, but as an institution this appears to be sadly true. Of course, it isn’t news. Chalk it up to any of a number of factors, but the Church as a whole no longer seems interested in saving souls. Pope Francis is a result, not a cause.

  2. “Pope Francis is a result, not a cause.” This is certainly true in that no Church that took its faith seriously would ever elevate a pagan like Bergoglio to the office he currently holds. On the other hand, he is a cause in that he is doing untold damage to the faith. For instance,I have seen more than a few people write that they would never become Catholic, or they are thinking of leaving the Church, because of him.

  3. It seems that Ireland and the world in general no longer has any Divine Providence to share with the unborn. This says much about the people and nothing about God. It may be said that abortion points to man as God. Ireland as is Great Briton an island in the Atlantic subject to volcanos. Volcanos are the will of God.
    An abortionist once argued that if I believed in the soul of the unborn, I must celebrate abortion that sends so many souls to heaven…and so many souls to hell. Human sacrifice does that. Ireland has become a disgrace.

  4. Ireland is replicating the cultural suicide that Quebec and the Netherlands effected 50 years ago. You could see it coming. The worst elements in and among the Irish chatterati were those the Irish public elected to listen to.

    I doubt the Cardinals who elected Bergoglio had any idea what a pant-load the man is. I’d wager the inner-ring pushing his candidacy did, and snookered everyone else.

  5. With Cork Easr, Donegal and Sligo-Leitrim still to declare, it appears that 43.41% of registered voters voted “Yes,” 21.09% voted “No” and 35.49% (more than a third of registered voters) abstained

    Compare this turnout with the Scottish Independence Referendum (84.6%) or the UK Brexit Referendum (72.2%)

    One recalls that in 1983, the 8th Amendment itself attracted a turnout of only 53.67%

    It would seem that abortion is a matter of limited interest to Irish voters.

  6. Conversion first. Politics and policy second.

    If a nation is pagan, then of course they will enact pagan law. This outer sign reflects the inner reality.

    This is why the Catholic Church must repent from its worldly ways. Stop preaching politics. It must return to its Divine Charter: spread the Gospel to every corner of Christ’s Kingdom (earth). Uncover His glory in our sacred places, first. Evangelize His Gospel to pagan nations like Ireland, second.

    St. Patrick, pray for us.

  7. God have Mercy on us. Most voted “Yes” because they wanted to make a point against the Catholic Church. Nothing more. It had nothing to do with “women” or “rights”. It was a loud statement, by a Nation, to say they want nothing more to do with their Catholic heritage. A very sad day for Ireland. It has been a slippery slope ever since the liberal government came into power. Ireland is broke and all they care about is having the “right” to discard its unborn. Lunacy.

  8. Well, from here on in the Irish have no gripe against the oppressions of the English since in a few years Ireland will have killed off far more of it’s own than the Brits ever did.

    And not even giving them a decent burial.

  9. “And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
    saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth….Apocalypse 8:13
    I recall that Saint Patrick prayed that Ireland sink beneath the waves before it lose the Faith and submit to the Antichrist. What could be more the Antichrist than to reject the sacrifice of the Lamb and prefer to sacrifice the lives of the innocents in the womb. Ireland is one of the countries that would be most affected be a mega-tsunami generated by the collapse of the volcano Cumbre Vieja in the Canary Islands. Interesting!

  10. It would seem that abortion is a matter of limited interest to Irish voters.

    About 30% of the adult population in any occidental country you’d care to name has no interest in public life.

    And, no, saying ‘apathy’ doesn’t improve matters.

  11. 60/40 – isn’t a landslide….more time to debate may have led to a 60/40 “NO” vote…who knows?? Anyway…I’m sure more than 50% are still devout Catholics, with strong views on the matter. It’s not as if Ireland has turned into a “satantic” outback overnight. Take stock and build on what we have…I think we will become a more considerate nation…..

  12. “This isn’t politics but fundamental Catholicism.”

    Hear you. And agree. However,

    Christ is fundamental Catholicism. Christ, God and man. Christ crucified. Christ risen. Christ living among us. Christ the Word. Christ ruler, King of His creation. And it is grace that changes hearts to receive Him.

    Disciples of Christ will vote out abortion. Pagans, disciples of Satan, will not. They never will. It is almost like a sacrament to them. They will never understand, as Pagans, which is what they are.


  13. No Ciaran, you are not correct. You cannot be a devout Catholic and vote to dismember babies. If only every person who voted yes would have taken the time to view an actual abortion. To see a child who has been torn apart or burned. Anyone who can see the life and color drain from a tiny baby, alive one moment and dead and motionless the next, I have to hope there is enough humanity left to move even their stone cold hearts. If not, then they are just dead men walking.
    I see people cheer, and I know they do not know they are cheering their own destruction. Islam will replace you, Muslims will replace you. You are not having enough children and you have signed your own death warrants. Your culture is gone. Pagan culture will not last. George Soros will now bring in the people who will take your place and, they allow their children to live, in fact, they seek children. They will own the land you live on.

  14. Evangeline, I think Ciaran wasn’t condoning the actions of the voters. I think he very Catholic agrees that go vote “Yes” to legalise abortion is a mortal sin. Period. I think Ciaran was voicing a view where there is still hope for Catholicism in Ireland. Ireland’s majority religion is STILL Catholicism. The hope is that things will reverse when the new generation will see the horrible decision they made on the 25th May. If you don’t have hope you have nothing. God IS our hope.

  15. Art Deco wrote, “About 30% of the adult population in any occidental country you’d care to name has no interest in public life”

    84.6% of registered voters cast their votes in the Scottish Independence Referendum.

    Now, given that a number of registered voters will have died or moved since registration closed three weeks before the poll, or have been sick or out of their constituency on polling day, it is virtually impossible to achieve a turnout of over 90%, this represents something approaching a full turnout.

    The same can be said of the 2007 French Presidential election, with a turnout of 83.8% on the 1st ballot and 84% on the 2nd .

  16. Evangeline

    Only 42.58% of registered voters voted “Yes.” The turnout was only 64.13%, so Ciaran’s figure of more than 50% could well be right

  17. Hello. I read the article (ehem). I am a member of the “leftist cult.” Contact me if you like to see my official membership card. With that said, it is sad that Christians can lie so liberally. A woman died and she inspired this legislation, but this vote is depicted as creating deaths in publications like this. This is why Christianity is losing control.

  18. Your membership card doubtless shows on your soul Dean, no need for you to have a card in your wallet. Speaking of lies your statement that a woman died because she was denied an abortion is a lie:

    She died from medical malpractice plain and simple.

    I wish it were a lie that legalized abortion will lead to many deaths in Ireland, but the Irish will soon kill more Irish than Oliver Cromwell ever dreamed of.

    Enjoy your victory for the Grim Reaper while you may. This is the start of the fight and not the end of it.

  19. I am an Irish christian and a catholic and I am so sad about this result – but it also brings some clarity. As you say Ireland is no longer a christian land and I and my fellow christians are now in enemy territory and under siege. May God have mercy on us and grant us the grace of conversion. Please pray for us.

  20. A woman died and she inspired this legislation

    Irish law already allowed for abortions in cases where the mother’s life was at risk.

  21. Protestant Northern Ireland still has tough abortion law. How soon will a campaign begin to over turn it’s law?

  22. Cam wrote, “Protestant Northern Ireland still has tough abortion law. How soon will a campaign begin to over turn it’s law?”

    Given that it has had no functioning power-sharing Executive or Assembly for a year, this is unlikely to be any time soon.

    Were Westminster to impose direct rule, remember Theresa May depends on the votes of 10 Democratic Unionist members for her majority, so she will kick the issue into the long grass.

    Traditionally, UK governments do not legislate on “issues of conscience.” Abortion and homosexual law reform have always been dealt with by Private Member’s Bills and a free vote.

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