Democrats Bring the Crazy

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Perhaps the most salient feature of the Trump era is how crazy he makes most Democrats:

Why is this?  Democrats during the Obama years kept telling themselves that they were now the majority party of the future, thanks to demographic change, even as they lost control of Congress and became the weakest at the State level that they have been since before the New Deal.  When Hillary lost, Democrats suddenly woke up from their Obama trance to a hostile political environment.  Their reaction was to go hard left and to attempt to shout down any voices within their party that told them this was madness.  They are aided and abetted in this trek over the cliff by the entertainment industry and academia which are also captives of the hard left.  We shall see how this strategy works for them in November.  Thus far the Democrat lead on the generic Congressional ballot has plummeted from a high of fifteen points, and now stands at three points.

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  1. We have quite a number of partisan Democrats in our circle of friends. Some (predominantly female) aren’t much invested in public affairs, somewhat sentimental, and adhere to the view that Republicans are ‘mean’. (It’s just as puerile as it sounds. As for the rest, their whole self-concept is wrong, as is their conception of how consequential public affairs should be in the whole tapestry of life. They cannot process the arguments of their opposition. What we’re looking at is the fruit of decades of cultural decay.

  2. Mean Republicans. Yeah. Upset that sixty million fetus’ never were given a chance to cast their vote, to pray for peace, to feel the soft breeze bring with it the fragrance of Spring blooms. Mean Republicans. Damn straight.
    Mean for freedoms sake. You’ll see us kneeling down in front of Planned Parenthood praying for one more mom to cancel her appointment with death.

    Yeah. Mean.

  3. It’d be OK if leftists confined themselves simply to running about
    with their hair on fire, but in their craziness and desperation they’ve
    doubled-down on antisocial, violent, criminal behavior. The likes
    of Antifa, BLM, Occupy, Muslim Brotherhood– all these goons
    are given a place at the DNC’s table, and the left’s leadership
    refuses to denounce their violent, destructive tactics. For example,
    when Trump won, many of those groups staged destructive riots,
    yet I cannot think of a single Democrat on the national stage who
    called on them to keep their protests peaceful. Obama’s silence
    was especially telling.

    The left’s use of goons sent to disrupt Republican events was a
    common sight in this past presidential election. Project Veritas
    captured a DNC operative on video admitting he’d used Occupy
    and SEIU goons to disrupt RNC rallies and intimidate attendees.
    But can anyone recall news of even one of Hillary’s events being
    disrupted by goons brought in by the right? That would be because
    the RNC did not stoop to that sort of violence and intimidation.

    The DNC’s embrace of islamist groups like Nation of Islam and
    the Muslim Brotherhood (with its ties to Hamas) is also disturbing.
    Keith Ellison, Linda Sarsour, Huma Abedin are all muslim stars in
    the DNC, yet their unsettling ties to anti-Semitic, islamist groups
    are ignored.

    Back in January, the magazine Wired published an article on
    a woman who has come up with a program to scour social media
    in order to build up a database on people she’s deemed “white
    supremacists” and “fascists”. She casts a wide net indeed– for
    despite the FBI’s own estimates that there are only around 25,000
    or so white supremacists worth worrying about in the entire nation,
    this woman has collected personal information on over 400,000
    people who, by her ‘standards’ are racist fascists. It would be just
    a strange yet harmless hobby, except she makes her database
    available to others to post that personal information and doxx and
    harass her unlucky victims. Wired’s piece didn’t come
    across as the least troubled by the woman’s behavior. Making
    someone’s home address available to violent groups like antifa?
    What could possibly go wrong with that…?

    If the November elections don’t turn out to the DNC’s liking, I
    believe the left will intensify its embrace of violence, intimidation
    and criminality to impose its will on a nation that is insufficiently
    on board with its program. That’s not the sort of crazy that one
    just rolls one’s eyes at– that’s the sort of crazy that’ll get people
    hurt or worse.

  4. We all must help, in any and all ways possible, to free our black brothers and sisters from the Democratic Plantation and then… finally…. “we will All Be Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty we’re Free at last. ”

    That my friends is Truth.

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