Holding Minors Separately From Adult Arrestees

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Since the topic is very hot currently, I thought it might be a good idea to explain why this policy came about.

Before the Obama administration put in this detention policy (yes, it is several years old, not sure why it’s only getting attention now; it was previously phrased as children not being held with adults), illegal immigrants apprehended in the US with minors were released with an appointment card for their hearing, and frequently a cash-card so they could afford to get a place to stay.

Not only did this policy of releasing those arrested who had minors have the obvious effect of most of them not showing back up, but it became unignorable that children being brought in this way were not, in fact, released with their families. To be blunt, they figured it out when they kept raiding rape-houses and finding that those children being rented out for sex.  This is why there is an emphasis on “birth control” being a “human right” for illegal immigrants.

This is in addition to the known problem of the cartels raping any female that hires them to get her into the country, the frequent rape by others being smuggled in, and the smuggled people being used as drug mules. They have packs sized for children, since they can’t handle a full sized mule bale of pot, or the large backpacks full of harder stuff.

The families of those who die without delivering are often charged for the drugs.

Human trafficking investigation is really hard on agents for many reasons.

This is the situation that any child, or claimed child, who is being smuggled across the border is put into.  Please keep it in mind when someone is trying to whip up a mob to go after those trying to deal with the problem.

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  1. The sad thing is that as outrageously one-sided as some of the statements from Bishops have been, they are not even close to as bad as the most obviously attempting to whip up hatred against those who are interfering with the human trafficking.

  2. @foxfier like shea et al? The comments are almost hilarious with how they are convinced this puts us on the path to dictatorship and anybody that disagrees with them are self-deluded liars.

    Would love some sources for your post here. I’ve noticed that for many with this issue they are incredibly uninformed about the circumstances.

  3. I avoid that area for a reason. 🙂

    Most of the example I can think of are local, and then there’s the folks marching and screaming about yanking babies out of mother’s arms…like nobody steals babies, right?
    Most of the folks on TV are just listening to those idiots. (At best, idiots. We do know the cartels actively pay for people to do media relations.)

  4. The solution for a couple hundred criminals who can’t keep their kids in their cells is amnesty for 12 million.

    What you think doesn’t matter.

    Pay your taxes. Hand over your guns. And, shut up.

    The elites, both the (Chamber of Commerce, Corporatist, Country Club, NeverTrump) GOP (wants cheap labor) and the execrable left (wants a dependable, tax-taking voting majority) believe you are ignorant, lazy POS’s who are here for their benefit.

    It’s government of the elites, by the elites, and for the elites.

    You thought you lived in a free country. Think again.

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