Mark Shea: Ever the Voice of Reason

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Why in God’s name did I ever worry for one second that I had alienated the sons of bitches who are now smugly justifying the torture of children at the border as the will of God? Why did I ever spend a second of my time trying to show such monsters that I was a Catholic in good standing and up to their discriminating standards? Why in God’s name should I ever care what they think about any moral, theological, or spiritual question ever again?

I’m more Catholic than I’ve ever been in my life. Not a particularly *good* Catholic mind you. But a deeply convinced one. And when I look at the pack of nihilist predators–posing as better Catholics than the pope and bishops and all the saints and martyrs–spitting in the faces of the least of these and whoring after this Mob Boss as he takes children hostage for his God-damned wall I feel ashamed that I ever let this mob of devil worshippers push me around.



Go here to read the rest.  For Mark Shea it has always been about Mark Shea.


Update:  Hattip to commenter Nate Winchester.  Just when you think Mark has hit rock bottom, go here to witness him praising NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League), the most radical pro-abort group because, although they are all in favor of separating kids in utero from their moms, they are quite happy to also bash Trump over the fake controversy at the southern border.  Any Catholic groups who hire Shea for any purpose other than to serve as a bad example are insane.

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  1. Looks like he missed taking his Thorazine again.
    A group home might be the solution for poor Mark.

  2. Mark-who?

    Did your last Confessor give it as a penance?

    Why do you read him? You know who he is.

    He was always the same. He persistently reminded me of my favorite movie line from “My Cousin Vinny.” “Everything that guy just said is bullshit.” Same same for his drooling, imbecile adulators.

  3. Not to be repetitive, but some people’s vices seem to drain away as they grow older while others’ grow worse.

  4. I was opposed to the family splitting policy, to be sure. Even though the catch and release method ensures that traffickers ply their awful trade.
    But it is telling that Mark never described pro-abortion and pro-divorce Catholics in such terms.
    And he never will.

  5. And while David Frum is usually an Acela Corridor twit, he still has his stopped clock moments. And this one is dead on:

    “Now notice something: As Hayes elaborates his horror at the separation of mother from child, he seems to arrive at a conclusion that there is something inherently oppressive about any kind of immigration rule at all. The “men in suits or men in uniform” he speaks of do not just “show up.” The border crosser goes to them. She is not just “living her life … and then all of a sudden, the state can come in and wrench your life apart.” She, of her own volition, traveled hundreds of miles to challenge the authority of a foreign state to police its frontiers. When her challenge failed—when she was apprehended and detained—what happened next must have felt harsh and frightening. But dictatorial? Totalitarian? In democracies, too, the wrong side of the law is an inescapably uncomfortable place to find yourself.

    Trump and his brutish methods are radicalizing his opponents. But those opponents still retain the choice not to be radicalized. The spreading view that immigration is a civil right and that immigration enforcement is totalitarian is an attack on democratic legality. It subordinates rules and norms to desires and passions. It is also a corrosion of the ideal of a constitutional state. Social-media outrage is manipulative and dangerous even when it appeals to generous sentiments. The generous sentiment quickly becomes a foundation for yet more of the division and anger ripping apart this American community.”

  6. What makes it worst is his periodic exhortations to “never lie” and “always judge fairly.” I think I can dig up a comment when he would even say, something like “people shouldn’t make up lies about Trump” – even though the day before and day after, Shea would repeat lies about Trump AND THEN ban anybody who tried to correct him or ensure proper justice towards the president. It’s the rank Phariseeism that stinks worse over there.

  7. “Why in God’s name should I ever care what they think about any moral, theological, or spiritual question ever again?”

    Sadly this is the same exact question I have when I consider Mark’s opinions.

  8. Amazing, isn’t it, how EVERYTHING he objects to is torture?

    Why he objects to not throwing innocent children into jail when their parents are arrested, I’m not clear on…but he’s pretty clearly not clear on it, either.

  9. Shea would be silent if his abortionist allies deployed 100 million land-mines along the southern borders because they thought migrants would vote Republican. I’m old enough to remember when Shea’s friends tried to deny entry to hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese refugees.

    This whole crisis is a media pseudo-event.

    According to former media mogul, Glenn Beck, he “begged” the lying media to cover this illegal alien child separation/detention controversy in 2014. They didn’t because it would reflect badly on Obama and Dems.

    Here’s why Trump is our President. Recent poll says only 19% want catch-and-release and 17% are unsure and child. The majority 67% supports so-called parents and so-called children held in some form, either together or separate, some even in juvenile criminal facilities.

  10. I think Mark has finally started to lose it completely. He buys into Leftist propaganda without batting an eye. A useful idiot indeed.

  11. “According to former media mogul, Glenn Beck, he “begged” the lying media to cover this illegal alien child separation/detention controversy in 2014.”

    That’s about right. As I said, our local news station interviewed the daughter of a woman being threatened with deportation. The point of the story was that the daughter could relate to the horror being experienced by the children and families at the borders. She had been detained and separated from her father when they came to America, so she knew what it was like. What I noticed was that she said this happened in 2014. And yet going back to 2014, I can’t find one reference to Hitler, Auschwitz or the Holocaust from Catholic leaders, Christian leaders, Republicans, Liberals, Democrats, or the press. It’s almost like all of this is fake, and nobody really cares, unless they can use it to attack Trump/advance the Left. I’m starting to think the only thing more evil than evil is only caring about evil when it’s convenient.

  12. hard not to read this post (and the comments) and not come away with the conclusion that Shea is an anti-semite.

    At least if I was Jewish, I’d get very concerned about the Left labeling us white given the way they talk about whites…

  13. Really, it’s best to pretend not to notice him, like you would pretend not to notice a madman was naked.

  14. FWIW, to cap this off, the problem with Mark isn’t Mark. He’s clearly gone over to the Left and spends most of his time justifying why what he once called evil he now calls good (or at least makes excuses for) and what he once called good, holy and righteous he now calls evil. The problem is that he is lifted by Church leaders, ministries, speakers, and others as a valid representative of the Christian Faith in general, and the Catholic Church specifically. That is the problem.

  15. Agreed. Usually, I am not troubled by the fact someone like Shea is a lunatic. His vitriol is a sufficient message to understand what he has become. Instead, I am troubled by the fact that the hierarchy fails in its primary purpose to protect the laity from error and safeguard the faith. I am a Catholic today, in part, because the Church used to do this job really well. At the rate things are going, it won’t be enough to ask whether there will be anyone holding the faith when Christ returns, but whether anyone preserved enough of the faith to even hold.

  16. Dale Price: “I was opposed to the family splitting policy, to be sure.”


    Is it simply self-evident that everyone who shows up at the border with a child is a legit and responsible family member. What you never hear amidst all the hysterical, emotional, gas-lighting is that the reason this same policy was carried out under Obama is because often times the first thing these kids would say after being taken away from their “families” is, “That’s not my dad.”

    As for Shea, I remember when he used to mock “Catholics” on the Left who would always preface their heretical comments with, “I’m a devout Catholic…” Now here’s Mark with the same schtick, “I’m more Catholic than I’ve ever been…” right before he call people who disagree with him devil worshipers. I’d say he’s a hypocrite, but his rhetoric has become so absurd I think it’s more likely he’s just a pretender and always has been.

    My take: Mark Shea is neither more nor less a Catholic than he’s ever been.

  17. Unfortunately Mark Shea’s views are representative of a large chunk of views held by “Catholics”. This is why he stays relevant. Not sure about his motives though…But in all honesty, supporting or even giving the slightest validation to a pro-abortion advocacy is the last straw. It will come back to bite him one day.

  18. @Dave Griffey

    Jews and White Privilege, just because they got in the neck from Hitler doesn’t mean they’re not cashing in their chips as the oppressors now; not from their Jewishness, but due to their whiteness.

    Well that’s not chilly at all.


    Not sure about his motives though…

    That’s easy, he’s even confessed it:

    But Honor? One of my earliest childhood fantasies–the sort of fantasy that an unpopular nebbishy high school student who never got invited to the Sadie Hawkins Dance daydreams about–was the day I returned to Everett with a ticker tape parade held in my honor and all the people who treated me badly said, “Wow! We were so *wrong* about him.” It wasn’t a particularly vindictive fantasy. I had no fantasies about having my former enemies dragged before me and humiliated (mostly because I was too insignificant to have enemies). But I just wanted to have that moment when the whole world said, “We never saw. We never realized. We never honored him the way he should have been honored.”

    That’s the big weak spot for me.

    Peer pressure is his motives. And the left makes it real easy to turn off your brain and embrace whatever is the current outrage. It’s a cheap and easy way to get honor.

  19. Mark Shea is fake news with a Rosary. Oh, the post where Mark praises NARAL is about a week old.

    “Any Catholic groups who hire Shea for any purpose other than to serve as a bad example are insane.”

    You’re over a decade late on that one, Don.

  20. Oh, the post where Mark praises NARAL is about a week old.

    Uh… no? That post in question is dated 6/22.

    Or you mean the news he’s reacting to is old?

  21. Thanks Nate. That’s explains the constant outrageous comments. Attention at all costs. Quite pathetic really. I find he rambles and rants and is always in a state of rage. Although I think as a adult he has made many enemies with his aggressiveness and unwilling to have a civil exchange. But that abortion post. Wow he’s lost it.

  22. Mr. Shea is always in danger of going off the rails because rage.

    Has he read 1 Cor lately? There is condemnation of those who use abusive language and Christians are warned not to even share a meal with them.

    And there is this

    Know you not that the unjust shall not possess the kingdom of God? Do not err: Neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers: 10 Nor the effeminate nor liers with mankind nor thieves nor covetous nor drunkards nor railers nor extortioners shall possess the kingdom of God.

    In a recent rant calling for the firing of Raymond Arroyo, Mr. Shea avers that Michael Sean Winters took the words out of my mouth

    Mr. Winters is lucky he still has fingers…

  23. Nate

    I could have swore Mark posted something praising NARAL about a week or so ago. Perhaps I was mistaken.

  24. @Greg

    No worries man. Sad thing is I wouldn’t doubt that having happened so perhaps we’re both right. 😉

  25. the pack of nihilist predators–posing as better Catholics than the pope and bishops and all the saints and martyrs

    I’ve noticed that Mark Shea seems to have a bit of a bee in his bonnet over this issue. Pretty much everybody who disagrees with him — or at least every conservative — gets accused of claiming to be more Catholic than anyone else, even when they’ve never claimed or even implied that they’re better Catholics than anyone else. It makes me wonder if there’s a guilty conscience at work here, although obviously that’s just speculation.

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