Social Justice Defined

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  1. I don’t mind some limited systems, even though I know they will tempt people into bad things, because even after the waste and overhead a gov’t can do a much more effective job per dollar than a private one can (I’m thinking food aid…more WIC than SNAP, SNAP is currently way too easy to game, they don’t even do the fraud-prevention a St. VdP food pantry does), but it really needs to be trimmed down.

  2. THE DRAFT: When you love strangers so much you’re willing to have the government kidnap other strangers to fight and die to help them out.

  3. Simon of Cyrene was conscripted to carry the cross for Jesus. He was terrified that he too, would suffer the fate of Christ because of it.
    “Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for a friend.”
    If you do not nip tyranny in the bud, tyranny will spread across the world until tyranny buries you.
    Now the left is back blaming our Founding Fathers for their faults. Yes, they had terrible faults, but the principles they committed to paper are truth and ratified truth by every single American citizen

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