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  1. SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS,,,,,,,,,,OUGHT GET THE JOAN OF ARC MEDAL WITH KNIGHTS CROSS AND VALOR DEVICE,,,,,FOR STANDING UP FOR A GUY THAT IS HARD TO STAND UP FOR……..in her honor why not youtube, the famous nelson eddy hymn to courage,,,STOUT HEARTED MEN,,,,,,,,she truly has a lionesse heart.,,,,,she is a true christian.

  2. A “consistent ethic of life” or “the seamless garment” is woven of the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH, so help me God.

    The Catholic Church does not deny capital punishment. The principle of the separation of church and state inheres in the teaching of the Church. The Catholic Church allows capital punishment as armed force against the evil of homicide in the first degree, murder by stealth, for the protection of the innocent souls of sovereign persons, to prevent double jeopardy of life for “We, the people” and the proclamation of the Fifth Commandment “Thou shalt not kill by stealth.” Capital punishment is the only means for maintaining Justice, the perfect Justice of God on earth.

    Allowing and enabling homicide in the first degree as a second homicide against the innocent population is not devoid of complicity.

    Denying nuclear war will make innocent people subject to tyranny. Armed force will maintain freedom and Justice.

    The taking of innocent human life, newly begotten in the womb, is a heinous crime against humanity. The perfect moral and legal innocence of the newly begotten innocent sovereign person in the womb is the standard of Justice for the state. Even as the state corrupts from within, according to finitude and frailty of imperfection, the reality of perfect Justice is renewed constantly by the new life of our constitutional Posterity, all future generations granted to us by Divine Providence and our “Creator”.

    As the persons chosen to be the personification of God’s perfect Justice, the Supreme Court must acknowledge the reality of our need for the renewal of perfect Justice through our constitutional Posterity.

    It would be injustice to “We, the people” to not include the distinct difference between immigration according to our law, the respect for our sovereign borders and the invasion of illegal, unvetted individuals among whom are sex traffickers, drug runners and even terrorists.

    “Governments are instituted among men” “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our (constitutional) Posterity”, all future generations. Declaration of Independence and The Preamble, the purpose of our Constitution.
    Mary De Voe

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