Rescuer in a Dark Time

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“Heaven goes by favor; if it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”

Mark Twayne



The last surviving rescue dog of 9-11 Ground Zero departs this Vale of Tears.

An old tale states that when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden all the animals turned their backs to them except the dogs, who got up and trotted out into the wilderness with them.

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  1. Good dog.

    I like to think that maybe just as who Christ is lifts us up to Heaven, maybe something of our souls rubs off on dogs and they’ll get to be lifted up into heaven with us.

    I know it’s not theologically sound or anything, just something i wonder sometimes (We’ve had many good dogs over the years.)

  2. Heard one of EWTN’s guys explaining why dogs won’t go to heaven, and I kind of got distracted, but he pointed something out– heaven is temporary. After the end of time, it won’t be heaven anymore, we’ll be in our physical bodies again, but perfected.

    The reason dogs can’t be in heaven is because they aren’t spirit… they need a physical body….

    Suggests a solution, doesn’t it? Can’t call it a THEORY, because there’s nothing to support it– but…..

  3. All nature praises God. The dog praises God by being a dog. The dog is happy praising God and being a dog. The same may be said of our beef steak and veggies. They praise God by being beef steak and veggies and are happy to serve God by being beef steak and veggies. The responsibility of being human falls on man.

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