Walk Away Campaign From the Democrats

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  1. Let us pray that the great exodus from the liberal pharaoh is underway. That the very same light that filled Moses is shining brightly in the former slaves of progressives.
    That America heals from the self inflicted wounds from a schizophrenic Left.

  2. While I hope it works, it sure looks like the regularly scheduled counter-intel where the Progs try to rebrand as some kind of an independent platform…that mysteriously looks exactly like what they usually do.

  3. The Democrats are the party of the KKK, Jim Crow and abortions. Their big fight now is a Catholic on th SCOTUS even those it has not been an issue before. They are encouraging violence. They have no new solutions but rely instead on the same empty promises. The #WalkAway campaign on Facebook welcomes video or written testimonials for Conservatives and also those who are walking, if not running, from the Democrat party

  4. Interesting considering that the entire #Walk Away is from Russia. It’s not going to stop the Democratic Party.

  5. Now, I don’t keep track of 4chan, so it’s possible it was hatched there…but it really doesn’t have the solid troll flavor of 4chan, and it would be reusing an existing meme about picking up chicks. (Instead of hanging out, you give a complement, and walk away.)

    Now, it’s possible the tactic is inspired by the same observation– chasing after the increasingly nuts Left is not going to let you catch them, the only way to win is not to play– but 4chan is not Russian, it’s Trolling As An Artform, and they’re not bots…..

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