Socialism is Death

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The last major water shortage in Venezuela was in February 2016, when authorities announced a weekend “maintenance” session designed to maintain sufficient water levels during a period of drought. An estimated three million in Caracas consequently went without water, where the average temperature at that time of year is 68F.

The lack of clean water is the latest in a string mass shortages experienced in Venezuela under the rule of socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro. Access to basic resources from food to medicine is now extremely limited, mainly as a result of hyperinflation that has rendered its Bolivar country as practically worthless. Based on real worth exchange rates, the country’s minimum wage is roughly equivalent to one dollar ($1) a month.

Go here to read the rest.  The popularity of Socialism among many US millennials is a tribute to the power of propaganda over mere facts.  Oh well, I am sure our socialist wannabes will finally get it right this time.



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  1. And this anti-human tragedy is what is happening while a famous Church leader is insisting that “…the nations should (re)distribute the wealth.”

  2. The principle of separation of church and state dictates that charity and the virtue of charity must remain in the realm of freedom of choice of the individual person. To extort taxes for charity denies the freedom of the citizen to exercise his free will and removes the joy of giving from the donor, This strengthens a heresy, a tyranny over the mind of man.

  3. “Socialism has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore of evade it.” Thomas Sowell Add to the list “a Jesuit.”

    Keynes’ view of Marxist theory as economic theory: “dull and illogical.”

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