Die Wacht am Rhein

Something for the weekend.  Die Wacht am Rhein (The Watch on the Rhine.)  A patriotic song popular in Germany in the 19th and first half of the 20th century.



The rendition most familiar to American audiences:


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  1. There is an historical irony in that “song duel” between the French and the Germans. La Marseillaise was written by French soldiers preparing to defend against a feared German invasion across the Rhine in the 1790s, while Die Wacht am Rhein was written by German university students fearing a French invasion in the 1840s. France long had its own “Drang each Often” to annex all territory west fo the Rhine, much of it originally German-speaking. Even if we agree the sides were in no way moral equals, rivalry was well mixed in with righteousness in both world wars.

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